#AMA Ask Me Anything Post for #STWT Show 32 - "What is the New World Order & Who Runs It"

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This is the weekly AMA Post for my Live Show, All Questions will be answered Live on Air Tonight

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Ask Me Anything Post...

Every week for my live show which takes place on Saturday Night at 9 PM EST, I post on steemit and patreon this ask me anything post. This allows my audience to join one of these two platforms and be able to submit questions they can be assured I will answer live on air.

Tonight's show will be focused on a broad topic "What is the New World Order & Who Runs It?" Please feel free to contribute your thoughts on this below.

Thanks everyone, keep the questions legit. Unlike the FBI and James Comey (Pictured above), I invite questions as I don't lie. More transparency is better for us truth seekers not worse like it is for the FBI.

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Hey Titus, my old steemit profile (tonyclarke) was locked out for some reason and I'm trying to figure out how to get back into it. I had the password saved on multiple word documents but whenever I attempted to sign back in, it wouldn't let me. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I created this account because I enjoy posing questions for your show.

I like that you pose this question because I think there are many layers to the answer and I would like to hear your analysis of it. Maybe my question can help promote discussion as well.

My question is, where does Islam fall on the hierarchy/pyramid of the new world order? I ask this because as young kid, I was obviously brainwashed into thinking that all of Islam and all Muslims are evil. However, as I've gotten older and done more research (and please, correct me if I'm wrong), I've discovered that the prophet Muhammad was married to one of the pope's daughters and the catholic church helped fund the spread of Islam during his lifetime.

While I still do believe that there are some fundamental problems within Islam that need to be fixed, I think that it is controlled to some extent. So do you think that the Jesuits, the Zionists, or some other group within the new world order actually controls Islam and uses it as a divide and conquer strategy within the left-right paradigm? I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Congratulations on the birth of your son.

Also, it hurts me to say this, but Go Pats! I suppose I will cheer for them since they have a few former Nebraska Cornhuskers on the team....


Thanks for the comment, I am sorry to hear about your account issues. Keep trying with various browsers. Anyways if you watch the show I covered this all.


Thanks! I wasn't able to watch it live but I will watch it today before the game kicks off.

Where do you suggest starting the dialog with friends and family regarding all things (there's so much) ... Just curious. I so appreciate all you do! This will be shared... as the more people who find out what's been going on, the better! Thanks, again....


Thanks so much for the question, if you watch the show you will see that I answered this in the beginning section. Thanks again for contributing to the show.

Hey @titusfrost good job dear. Nice post your post amaze me.


Thanks for posting a meme of Beyonce doing the illuminati hand symbols. I used this on the show. Peace.

wow..........that's a very nice deal........it is a knowledgeable program for public ,,,,,,,,,i think,,,,,,,,,its a open canvas /platform ,,,,there are every person can ask their question,as a subject,,,,and can get a great solution..........its also motivate our society,,,,a big thanks for you....


Yeah I think this is a good base line show for people new to the new world order.

I wish to know more,great post though


Well stay tuned, there is always more coming soon.

This is so great! You got the great point here.that's pretty cool to know.love to read it..

resteem and upvoted


Thank you very much, hope you have a nice day!

Nice post thanks for sharing


You are very welcome, now you know the way.

wow great work dear @titusfrost i wish your success


Thank you very much, have a nice day!

Hoping your show will be a successful live show on AMA..... GOOD LUCK @titusfrost


Yeah it was, thanks so much for the comment.

The new world order and who runs it. Sounds pretty interesting. Let's go!



Yes, as concise as I could I think i covered who and what it is.

Well said and constructed.


Thank you very much, I try to keep it organized. I hope you have a great day sir.

Great point.

Good job buddy...
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Thanks again, I appreciate the resteem and upvote very much.

its a very great and valuable story.Some information are unknown.its a amazing motivational post also. I really impress i this post.


Yes I would hope so, also others be noted that Justin Bieber is a puppet of the actual illuminati.

Good Job And Great Thoughts THAnk you Dear


You are very welcome Shan, hope you have a great day!