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RE: Call for crabs / Where have all the minnows gone

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Hi @enforcer48

"everything they've done for steem"

do they really say that?

Sees a name I support here, yes I have been supporting that person for years.
He has a great blog with good info on his travel letters
and I like to see the pictures and read about them.
He also supports me back and why can't we.
I want to ask myself should I not give support because he earns a lot. That I am in a ring that only supports those who support me. Then you are thoroughly wrong. Then you have to check me well over the last 3 years to see all my upvotes
Regards @xpilar


do they really say that?

No idea. Just reading it here. That’s why it rubs me the wrong way.

What you call support is nothing but a "I vote you, you vote me deal". That's not beneficial to the platform itself, and so me and others use our stake to make it less profitable for you.

Thank's for your feedback @pharesim

And I thank you for the time you supported my posts before

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