Halloween - A short fascinating tale & voyage among different cultures and human bias regarding empathy.

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««Subliminal Message»»


Almost Thurs and barely a few hours away from Halloween yeah. I bet we can already feel the isolation & more sharp lack of interaction across the steem blockchain later tomorrow all day long in the last day of the month.

Therefore, I guess it's the perfect time to publish one more of my cryptic posts that no one reads and prolly many people just don't seem to have the aptitude and/or patience to consume & digest our content easily.

Yeah, there is no wonder we post way too many varied & diverse crap full of metaphors, analogies and allegories that even & although we are indeed repeating again and again redundantly about the same damn subjects and things, apparently no one seems to notice the difference either.

  • But no matter what. I like to keep trying to make you think, reflect and hopefully lead you to discover something new through my content.

Hence, this newish "Halloween" post.

In the middle of this new wave of good ole bidbots now rather mutating into automated blind 'curators' these last weeks. I'm just wondering:

¿How many of these 'new curators' have you seen visiting your content and immutably listing their 'financial' visit with a visible mark in your posts?

Yeah, don't take me wrong. It's truly a legit question out of pure curiosity. I would wanna know if these last days you are feeling like asses, donkeys, piglets, hogs, lambs and calves or maybe more like cute puppies, kittens or mere guinea pigs within the steem blockchain food pyramid.
¿Do you know what I mean? };)

"Yulin Lychee & Dog Meat Festival"

Yulin Festival

Because according my point of view, everyone around here looks like some kind of meaty edible entity in one way or another.
And with edible, I meant 'Curationwise' of course.

Pangolins, Rabbits, Rats, Ducks, Chickens, Doves, Snakes, Salamanders, Frogs, Toads, Grasshoppers, Crickets and whatevah fly, swim and creep around.


Oh! but you haven't heard about Yulin Lychee before and you don't know what is The Yulin Lychee & Dog Meat Festival either?

Then, google the phrase mate. Googling around a bit whatever pinch your curiosity will never is gonna be wasted time. Everyone has to search and must search if they want to find. This is so and always has been so.

What reminds me of that old joke:
Two efficient market theorists are walking along and see a $50 note on the ground. One goes to pick it up but the other stops him saying: "Hey, If that really is a $50 note then somebody would've already picked it up right?"

"To a quick learner, few words are enough"

«-The Latest Bizniz Buzzword-»

In the title it says "A short fascinating tale among different cultures and human bias regarding empathy" Yep, empathy is the key buzzword and the whole core concept of this post on a Halloween, Samhain & Wicca day.

"Empathy Marketing Serendipity"

The Cleaners

To me, this now is like stepping into someone else’s shoes just to sell them "another pair of shoes"

I believe that the best use of empathy is not specifically in the commercial world but in the social one, where it allows us to challenge prejudices and actually and potentially create true political & economical changes.


And I'm convinced we actually need way more ‘Experiential Empathy’. This is where you don’t just fluke imagine someone else’s life.

(A practice technically known as ‘cognitive empathy’) but one where you try to live it yourself, doing the things they do, living in the places where they live, and knowing the people they know.

Yup, I would expect and suspect SF4 will show soon some of that this time.

You might also call an experience of this nature an ’Empathy Immersion’. It’s like empathy as an extreme sport. One which is far more exciting and adventurous than ice climbing or sky diving.


Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh. I'm well aware this post may looks to you like my most entangled and cryptic post ever. But what can I say? ¡Today is Halloween!


And now I'm gonna left it until here so you can connect the dots right away or during this upcoming weekend if that's what you prefer. Yeah, I have no rush to enjoy your reaction. I know you won't dare to comment anyway.

Otherwise, in a special day like today. I probably would have posted it on "The Steemian Roundup" on Quora instead. :)

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf


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