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For the most part you can do whatever you want on the Steem blockchain although if you break some "rules" you might get attacked and not be able to earn any Steem.

I think the main thing with #newsteem is to upvote at like 4 or 5 minutes and upvote before the herd. If there is not a lot of upvote value after yours then you lose out and your upvote also counts less. I'll probably mainly only upvote at 5 minutes but I might try some 4 minute upvotes eventually. I don't think I will do any 3 minute or less upvotes though but I'm not 100% sure.

What this basically means is you need to use an autovoter. I use but I think there are at least 2 others.

Under the New Steem I think it is generally dumb to upvote any comments although I don't think it is horrible if you do 1% upvotes on comments even though they are technically worthless. This goes along with the upvote before the herd idea. If you upvote solo I think your upvote is worth like 50% less maybe even more so I think you would generally lose out on a minimum 50% curation reward. Plus I think as of now officially I think you need like 4,000 Steem Power to have your solo vote count but I think that will go down.

1 blog post a day is better than 10. I think it makes sense to do one blog post a day instead of 10 due to the "herd rules"

Be careful with the bots. I think all of the small bots are unprofitable now but I could be wrong.

Don't get d---v--ed! Good luck! lol

You might want to follow me and add me to your autovoter at 5 minutes at 100% and also interact with me sometimes. I think overall I am pretty helpful for my followers and supporters. I am a little low on bot funds so your ROI might not be sky high these next few days but in general I have noticed my autovoters do well and it often seems they actually do the best with my blog.

I think these are some or most of the main "rules" but I could be wrong. A lot of the old "rules" do probably still apply like be careful if you're a new user and cite your photos etc. etc.

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How are comments worthless? Lol

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Not with @dustbunny

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Is that working?

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Yeah it upvoted my comment. It's a good bot.

While I don't "Earn" hard ROI on voting comments and trying to keep the vote above dust. I do gain commenters and spread some good will and success to others. In addition by keeping my blog a great place to comment and have a discussion, I also find others that are active and engaging on the site.

Personally, I feel it is still worth upvoting comments and engagement and I do believe it adds value to my account in something I would call "Soft ROI".

It's not tangible but I think my blog does better as a direct result.

Just offering another point of view.

Yeah it's a lot different for you since your upvotes can still count and not go to zero. For most people their solo upvotes don't count at all. The autovoter strategy isn't bad and does give a better ROI. I'll probably just add some people to my autovoter instead of upvoting their comments.

I think most of the people I have talked to who now understand how things work will probably stop upvoting comments.

I would have upvoted your comment at 100% but it would have basically just been a wasted vote since it wouldn't count.

It will be interesting to see what Steemit is like in another month. It has already changed a lot for me.

Is there anything besides Palnet I really need to be using?

Holy shit man, we get fucked hard!!!! I read that the reward curve actually goes UP if you get to at least 20 Steem for your blog post. As a test I paid bots to get to a bit more than 50 Steem in upvotes for my post of last week. I just checked out what my pay out is on 50+ Steem upvotes: just 11.342 STEEM plus 11.342 STEEM POWER!!!!!! The curators payout is actually MORE than what I get on a 50+ Steem post!

I think right now you can only use the big bots and maybe only the rising and maybe Booster but Booster is very very tricky. I think I've done OK. but it very tricky. Do you know how to use Steembotexplorer?

I did use Booster en the Rising. I actually was lucky and got a high % on most. But the payouts from Steemit right now are horrendous. SOMEONE is taking all the extra Steem.

It might be going to the bots or the curators. Plus the 10% cut doesn't help but I don't think that should have too much of an impact.
I think in a week or two things will somewhat normalize but I'm not for sure.

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I checked and for me it is actually closer to a 50% cut! My author payout was almost 2.5 X what the curators got on a blog post I made. Now I only get about 40% of the payout!

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