Steem Resolutions - HF22

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@fredrikaa tagged me to do my own "Steem Resolutions" post.

The original post contained the question "What will you do in HF21?". Due to events most of you are aware of, I spent most of my time in HF21 asleep.

So I suppose it's HF22 now!

1. Post more Science again

I haven't posted much science in the past year - I haven't posted much. That's partially the case because life caught up with me. But writing fiction without receiving a lot of reactions to it is draining, and writing science when I'm not learning many new things gets boring.

I did try to post about the bees at my lab on occasion, but with the new semester at a new university approaching in the next few days, I should be able to go back to share more about that again!

2. Stop feeling bad about personal posts

My birthday is in a bit over 2 weeks, and I know I probably won't be posting that much on here during the time in between.

@suesa-random actually had a lot more posts than @suesa in the past months, because there was more in my personal life than in my professional one. And @suesa is the account I have for "high quality" content. I don't perceive "yay, I'm old" as high quality, so I feel bad about posting it.

Then again, it's often the posts with the most interaction on it so why the fuck not?

It's Steem. Nobody sets the rules for my blog but me.

3. Help improve the Steem ecosystem

In April, I joined @buildteam as General Manager, doing ... general stuff. Content creation, merchandise for the shop (yes, the Hard Fork Shirts are my creation), evolving ideas with the rest of the team, interacting with the community, such stuff.

I think every project on the chain, be it non-profit or for-profit should aim towards improving the ecosystem for everyone. There's no point in ruining it for your competitor because you're ruining it for everyone and yourself that way.

I see a lot of unhealthy competition on Steem and think it's dumb. There's so much that can be done, we don't have to bring each other down all the time!

For example, I'm not personally a fan of vote and bid bots (that includes Minnowbooster), but I see the ways in which they can help the community.

Just because I don't like something doesn't mean it's not useful for others who are not necessarily trying to abuse the system.

People here need to check their ego and ask themselves why they're here. It can't be for the money, not at the current price. So why be a dick to others?

4. Bitch less about the 50/50 split

I'm not a fan. I am absolutely not. In my personal opinion, this change is extremely harmful to writers on here.

But many people have discussed it, and that's the decision that has been made. It's democracy - kind of. Not really, because in the end, you vote with your money, literally.

Bitching about it doesn't change anything though, so I will have to accept it.

And maybe we should all bitch less about things and do good instead.

I'm supposed to tag @reggaemuffin and @howo plus three other users to write their own resolutions.

My other three tags are @lemony-cricket, @lemouth, and @thecryptodrive, because you're from three completely separate groups I'm part of.

Write your resolutions, and tag 5 more people.

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That is a very nice resolution! I guess I have to write my own too now :D

I boosted the post because I believe it deserves to get above the rewards curve threshold :)

This is #newsteem stuff right here!

Great post! And thank you for taking on the challenge! :)

I too miss the days of more regular science writing on Steem. The first suesa-sciencechallenge produced so many cool posts!. Need someone to bring that back again :).

As for 50/50 hurting authors, I'm still hoping that there will be many who will earn more with the EIP than they did before. Mainly because stake should over time find its way back from bidbots to curation projects that then gives those creators a chance to receive votes that was previously never going to them.

Look forward to seeing and upvoting more resolutions posts if this catches on!

Hah, the science challenge was really a long time ago ... I should come up with a new topic!

We will see the effects of the 50/50, sooner or later. I do certainly hope it'll improve things. I'm fine with being proven wrong, that's the way of science after all!

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Really cool initiative, but please come back to talk about bees !!!

But I'm not working with bees anymore xD

I'll see what I can do.

I want to bitch about the 50/50 split but I'll focus my energy on the fact that you are going to be posting more. Science or fiction, I can't wait! :)

I have no resolutions :p

The pressure is on xD

Having no resolutions is also a resolution, it's to keep doing what you're doing!

To keeping on keeping on what we are doing 💞

fuck yeah, excited to see your science writings!

It's Steem. Nobody sets the rules for my blog but me.

Absolutely agree with this, don't let anyone dictate what you do, just do what you want :^)

Good luck with your journey & future endeavours!

Thank you!

Your comment motivates me a lot to actually go back to science posting xD

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I can't wait to read your work on science and Fiction @suesa.

Nice post✌💙

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Damned! Do you really want me to write about non dark stuff?? :D

I am not sure I will write about my resolutions... Because I don't think I will change anything :)

Well that's a resolution too! :P

Imagine all the people... (don't ask me why, but this answer made me think about John).

I may end up writing it, at the end of the day... Let's see what the future will tell us :D

Authors who were already getting good support are unlikely to suffer. New authors can use tribes effectively.

You're trying really hard to get me to bitch about it again :P

Nice . tho i dont know it but the nature is really beautiful 😂

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What nature?

I don't think you've read the post.

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