Unknown Humanoid Species Found In Peru. It's Legit - Being Documented and DNA Tested! (Video Included)

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Is it an alien? Is it a human-extraterrestrial hybrid? Is it some sort of sub-human species or maybe just a non-sapien humanoid creature? Nobody is quite sure yet.

Archaeologists in Nazca, Peru have discovered the mummified remains of something they've never seen before - a humanoid creature with strange features including a large skull, odd facial features, and extremely long fingers and toes. No, this isn't a story from The National Enquirer. It's a legitimate finding that's being investigated and tested by independent scientists and researchers as we speak. 

Nazca is known for it's mysteries, including its incredibly strange geo-glyphs known as the Nazca Lines, as well as ancient tales regarding non-human humanoids who once roamed the land there. 

While some have rushed to call it a fake, they were immediately quieted - researchers have already carbon-dated the remains to sometime around 240 AD. They have also shown recent X-Rays of the body, proving that indeed it has a very real skeleton. The investigation is being performed and covered in partnership with Gaia.com at this very moment, where more information can be found.

An initial DNA analysis has already began and while it will take some time to identify a species (or to identify it as an unknown species), findings have already shown it's lacking a Y chromosome (the chromosome present in male DNA), prompting researchers to name it Maria. Since it takes much longer to perform a full DNA sequencing, we will have to wait to see the actual outcome of the findings.

Is this what we've all been waiting for? Will this prove the existence of an unknown humanoid race here on earth? Will it be irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial presence? Proof of an ancient hybrid-human species? The missing link? Only time will tell. What we do know is that this finding is very real. Check out the video below and see for yourself. It is a groundbreaking, and a VERY exciting discovery.

Watch the discovery in this video...

These are definitely exciting times, and it'll be highly interesting to see what this reveals. 

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so its a normal day and there's no such thing as alien's and .... er hang on...wtfudgesticks


Exciting, isn't it? Thanks for reading.

Too good to be true


It does seem that way, doesn't it? The cool thing is that it's being studied by independent researchers and scientists. Had this been found in Egypt, it'd likely never have been news. Normally, these things are swept under the table, or simply proven fake. It's interesting to see that they've already performed x-rays and DNA testing is in process which proves that whatever it is, it's real.


If this mummy were authentic, the mainstream media would have given this news first hand. Was it because of a conspiracy theory that they did not even mention the case? I do not believe it. It is more believable that the mummy is false.


Well, seeing that they've already carbon-dated it and are currently doing DNA sequencing, I don't think so. Did you watch the video?

When was the last time you've seen the mainstream media report on such things that have the ability to shatter religion or certain aspects of evolution?

Time will tell!

Upvoted followed & resteemed. Love this shit! 👽


Thanks, man! Much appreciated. I followed you as well, happy Steeming!

Awesome post! Upvoted and resteemed! <3


That's much appreciated! Thanks for helping me get this info out there!

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Truly fascinating. The world is so much more than meets the eye.