Who Wants To Give Me 1K So I Can Buy This Blockchain Phone?

in news •  4 months ago

There has been talks about a blockchain phone in the works but it is closer than you think. A company by the name Sirin Labs is releasing a phone this November for a thousand dollars. It is called the Finney. It comes with a cold storage wallet to keep your funds in. There is also a service for token conversion. I am not sure how it works exactly but I think it uses a SRN coin that trades with the coin you need when you need it. And Messi might be advertising for it.

I have talked about a crypto phone before and how cool it would be. The problem is you would only put so much money on it as you would be afraid of losing it. And if there are not that many places to spend it offline then you don't really need to bring it with you. Though you could trade on the fly. As well as send coins for a service.

This type of device is probably ahead of its time. But it might be the norm in the years to come. Especially with dapps coming out, it would be nice to keep your coins safe as you use the application on your phone. And if a quick tap pay feature is made for it even better.

But I want to be one of the cool kids, so feel free to send me 1k so I can buy it :p.

Here is the link for more info:


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Could be a nice idea!
If you are interested in starting a fund to buy this phone then I can pledge 10SBD towards it. Don't really have much, check my wallet :-)


There are a lot better things to fund than me getting a phone but that is cool of you to offer man. Appreciated.

And that's how to start "a future"

Who will take this phone just to lose his crypto.Phone is not goong to come.

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Blockchain is everywhere...future is blockchain

This is now tech era and anything may happen any day....So hope to see this phone very soon. Thanks for sharing this news.

It is a very interesting idea and I have about the 1k price tag but unfortunately that is what a new iphone costs too! I think that 1k for a phone is absolutely crazy but if that is the going rate for the new phones, spending 1k on a blockchain phone seems like a pretty cool idea :)

But I am with you, anyone want to fund my phone for me? hahahaha jk

This thing looks amazing.

The future is here, brothers.

Your blog is helpful to me. Thanks for sharing this news. Carry on. Waiting for next blog.

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the future is closer than we thought!

blockchain is the future..
soon we will see it in all fields