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It has the third time this month that the market has taken a hit and we are on the bounce yet again. This is not investment advice but the markets are back in the green again. You do what you want with this information. Even if it is just have a sigh of relief that your coins are no longer tumbling. I do not know if this is a temporary bounce or we are out of the woods but I, for one, I am happy to see green.

Steem is sitting at number 13 on the list and is back up to %17. For those of you who do not know, the value of the coin effects the value of your posts and that is why the numbers go up and down. Everyday you get a piece of the rewards (based on the votes), these rewards are steems, and based on the value of the steem, the $ amount you will have beside your post changes. Now since it is a seven day average, it might go up when the price is dropping as it could be catching up to the average but in the upcoming days it will drop. As steem was down to 1.50s at one point, expect your value to go down a bit.

I think this is the last week of drops and crashes and next month it will go up, but again, I am just guessing, so don't invest on this. Bitcoin is still holding considerably over $2,000 is getting back to the $2,500 range.

Also, on a personal note, who has learned what it is like in the crypto market from this crazy month of drops? I know there are a lot of people new to this and watching value tank, then soar, then tank, in such a short period of time can be a little nauseating.

Here is the link to the values:


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Moving on up! Thats why we gotta hold & not go crazy selling! I held mine & will continue to do so.... Nice write up!

I don't think the bull run is over...this time I around new investors are looking for any dip to buy. Here is my analysis on steem

Time to celebrate !



All my articles have lost 25% of their value in the past week! It's so disappointing yet you're saying Steem is on a bounce, what is going on?


I dont know i have the same problem but its still free dollar