2018/2019 English Premier League: Huddersfield Town 0 : 3 Chelsea 2018-08-11

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Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri made a winning start to life in the Premier League as his team enjoyed a 3-0 win over Huddersfield Town at the John Smith's Stadium on Saturday.

34': N'Golo Kanté (Chelsea) scores a goal, assisted by Willian.

45': Jorginho scores a goal.

80': Pedro scores a goal, assisted by Eden Hazard.

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After watching this game, I strongly believe that Chelsea will have better season than they had last season. They will be the top 4 at the end of this season. Morata was still lost in the game. Hopefully Sarri can help him find himself back.

Huddersfield Town played a normal game. Chelsea didn't give them many opportunities to score. They hit a bar before Chelsea scored second goal. If they scored that one, the game could be different.

Man of the match: Pedro, 31 years old, 169cm, 65kg, has one goal in English Premier League this season.

1st Half    2nd Half    Highlights    Image Source

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Real chelsea fan

Its sometimes wonderful to see Chelsea play football ,and sometimes its just not the same side.
This game ,be it , that they played a new premier league side. They seemed unbeatable.
What does happen to super sides sometimes.


My team!!


On the one hand they have Morata and his mistakes and on the other hand, they have Kanté, who is one of the best footballers of the present time in his position. Ironic, right?

Great start for Chelsea!!!

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Really great game, my favorite players pedro and williams...

Really great

Really great

I love chelsea's new mifield with barkley kante and jorginho. Chelsea is taking a new road and looking for a new identify with Sarry. I'm sure this team will fight until the end to get the title. This Premier's League season would be amazing.

Jorginho is my best player and your...

I was also impressed by the solid performance of Rudiger. He never seemed troubled at all. We will see how he fares with tougher opposition.

wow great! you have captures nice shots.I loved them. Really great post , all around. keep sharing. Cool shots

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Chelsea apunta alto en la clasificación de la Premier esta temporada. Esa dupla en el medio de Jorginho y Kante darán mucho de que hablar.

Es un poco apresurado etiquetarlo, recordemos que por algo la premier es la liga mas competitiva del mundo

Greate analyse of the match! I think Chelsea will be in the top 3 this year! :)

Chelsea looking like a new team. I have a last man standing starting over on my blog if you wanna enter. Its free.

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@writemore you might be interested as well

Am happy about chelsea 's win.the league is just starting, lets c how things are going to unfold.

Comon Chelsea, this is your season

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Grande amigo <3

They will have a good season but i think the chelsea need power and improvement for any miracle to happen

they had a nice game