2017/2018 La Liga: Villarreal 2-2 Real Madrid 2018-05-19

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Real Madrid draw with Villarreal 2-2 in the final 2017/2018 La Liga match. 

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Madrid is ready for the CL final. Personally, I wish they get the third CL. it would be 50-50 game, hard to say who will win. But one thing will be sure, it won't be boring. 

I will guess Bale will be up with Ronaldo in front at the CL final. For Madrid, I only worry about their defense. If they keep the intensity all the time up, Liverpool won't have much chance. 

11': Gareth Bale scores a goal.

32': Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal, assisted by Marcelo with a cross.

70': Roger Martínez scores a goal, assisted by Rodri.

85': Samu Castillejo scores a goal, assisted by Rodri.

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Now, all eyes on Kiev! We're going to be Champs soon!

me encanta que buena post te felicito

nice post....Hurray Madrid...wishing u all the best !!!