Strange. Went to update the Pocketnet app today. Looking forward to the FAQ that was going to be available. The software is no longer on my computer after the update, and get no response whatsoever at the site when entering my passphrase.

Anyone have any similar issue, or am I the only one?


Free speech and privacy are great.... but pocketnet appears to require the user to have a smartphone? I've never and will never do so (for health and privacy reasons).

I never saw anything about a smartphone. Never asked for a phone number. Completely anonymous AFAIK. I haven't any need for any kind of phone whatsoever to use Pocketnet.

Are you using the .app website?

I downloaded and installed the app, and that's what I'm using.

Oh, I guess I saw "app" and assumed it had something to do with a mobile device. I've never used a mobile device of any kind. For 15+ years I've used a desktop PC with a wired ethernet connection. Never heard the word 'app' used to refer to anything but a mobile device before. :)

Click the link in my post and give it a trial run. No phone will be necessary.

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