Patient Zero Now Dates to November 17, South China Post

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The Lancet stated that Patient Zero for the SARS2 pandemic was diagnosed on December 1 in it's study on the beginning of the pandemic, and also revealed that the infection did not originate in the Wuhan wet market as had previously been claimed.

Now the South China Post reveals government documents that have found cases of COVID-19 even earlier yet, the earliest from November 17, 2019.

In the ongoing debate regarding the origin of the pandemic, several camps have sorted from the field. One, the traditional, natural assumption that all such diseases have always arisen from someone being infected by an animal, what is called a zoonotic source, has been generally assumed by experienced researchers. However, the nature of virological research at institutions such as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has revealed that functions such as use of the ACE2 receptor the current pandemic features were added to SARS-like coronaviruses taken from bats in the lab, and other evidence, has pointed out the chimeric nature of the pathogen is unlikely to have arisen naturally, and that it probably was engineered in a lab and escaped somehow.

Lately, accusations the pathogen was deliberately released in China by political enemies, notably the USA, have been imposed on the debate, although the only evidence of such covert acts is pretty much the lack of evidence of it's origin. Some folks have political reasons to make such claims, and evidence is not the reason those claims arise.

As usual, matters of politics are impossible to consider without the imposition of deception, and evidence and reason are soon discarded as money and power overrule everything else. The best we can hope is that actual scientists continue to investigate, publish their findings, and manage to do so without being censored, while we negotiate the shoals of propaganda to discover the current of facts they obscure.

The epitome of political intereference in public safety, the WHO, has been advocating for uninterrupted air travel from epicenters of this pandemic, generally misreporting statistics, and publishing misinformation regarding safety and prevention from the beginning of the outbreak. Since they have abused their authority for pandemic prevention, they justly must be held responsible for the flagrant abuse of public trust that has resulted in ongoing exponential spread of this pathogen, and the deaths and suffering that continue to be caused by their lies.

It is my hope that the world, outraged at their crimes against humanity, will prosecute them lawfully, and promptly carry out their executions after conviction for genocide. They need to be hanged. No one, not even some theoretical covert agent that deliberately released SARS2 as a bioweapon, could have done more to spread this pandemic than the WHO provably has, through the lies, misinformation, and deliberate deception they have undertaken.

It is my hope that the world, outraged at their crimes against humanity, will prosecute them lawfully, and promptly carry out their executions after conviction for genocide.

Unfortunately, the disconnect is so great that the world will probably continue to go cap in hand and wait upon their every word. Besides if they're anything like their UN counterparts, they will have diplomatic immunity and like other UN affiliates and NGO’s (including the IMF, World bank,and many many more) are also probably exempt from taxation, customs duty, prohibition, restrictions on imports and exports and immune from search, requisition and confiscation. That said, if malintent (or perhaps gross negligence) was provable they could be reported to the International Court of Justice .. but remember, they're also part of the UN. ;)

I'm not saying any of those other institutions should be spared. Them as aid and abet mass murderers need killing too.

But the WHO should hang.


It seems that mammon dominates the world.

There is more than one definition of 'the world' and mammon does not dominate all definitions.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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