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RE: Patient Zero Now Dates to November 17, South China Post

in #news4 years ago
It is my hope that the world, outraged at their crimes against humanity, will prosecute them lawfully, and promptly carry out their executions after conviction for genocide.

Unfortunately, the disconnect is so great that the world will probably continue to go cap in hand and wait upon their every word. Besides if they're anything like their UN counterparts, they will have diplomatic immunity and like other UN affiliates and NGO’s (including the IMF, World bank,and many many more) are also probably exempt from taxation, customs duty, prohibition, restrictions on imports and exports and immune from search, requisition and confiscation. That said, if malintent (or perhaps gross negligence) was provable they could be reported to the International Court of Justice .. but remember, they're also part of the UN. ;)


I'm not saying any of those other institutions should be spared. Them as aid and abet mass murderers need killing too.

But the WHO should hang.


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