@ned has Sold Steemit to Tron

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@liberosist has revealed that Steemit has been sold to Tron.

This is something we have had a little advance warning about, but it is a very significant development for folks on Steem. Note that Steem is not Steemit. @ned will AMA soon, and questions about the stake @steemit holds in Steem may be answered there. It is known that @steemit has immense stake in Steem, and probably can wield sufficient VP to replace any witnesses that may resist whatever Tron has in mind for Steem.

I have enjoyed my ability to post here. Steem is actually the last censorship resistant vector for my posts. I have been banned, blocked, or unwilling to post on other platforms due to censorship issues.

I will have to examine whether changes certain to arise from this transaction will enable me to continue posting here.

Thanks to all of you that have made my enjoyment of Steem possible, if I am no longer able to post here after today.

Much love.


This could be good...
This could be bad...

Most likely, this is going to be OTHER...

Interesting question. Steemit is. Steemit's nodes and apis are. A whole helluva a lotta Steem is, but Steem itself is not, and may be different enough. Reddit had no ability to fork to escape that control, and suffers for it today.

If worst comes to worst, Steem can fork, and the community of folks intent on speaking forthrightly can escape any incipient censorship. I don't want to undertake predictions atm, but reckon there are folks ready to bolt now, and I am not generally an optimist. I am pretty sure that the more cynical Steemers with the competence are making preparations to fork, and I've been pretty impressed with the community on Steem.

The real value of Steem is the community of folks that imbue the token with value, not the token, the nodes, or the apis. The code is open source and copypastable. Tron didn't buy us, and if he wants us to stick around, he'll shy away from imposing control the community will not tolerate.

We'll see what happens, but the short answer to your question is no.


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I was just commenting the other day about how this platform was finally being realized as the original vision. It's become a true social media network that is free from arbitrary censorship. I know this by virtue of the fact that not a single time has my content been demonetized or taken down in any way. I think I've gotten a handful of flags and downvotes, but not enough to mute any of my posts. I've been demonetized, shadow banned and just plain banned on almost every platform I've tried to controversially opine on since the beginning of my internet experience. This is the first place it hasn't happened to me yet. Here's to our continued enjoyment of that luxury. If not, it was great while it lasted, and we'll all probably have a few extra dollars to bank either way.

The market appears to like the news today but only time will tell what this change brings. I can't recall using Steemit recently now that Steempeak has evolved into a significantly better front-end.

Well, Steempeak uses Steemit assets, like it's apis and nodes, so you've used Steemit indirectly at least by using Steempeak. I am in the same boat.