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RE: The Cost of Courage - Part IV: Solving the Mystery of Max Spiers

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What do you make of the whole Super Soldier idea?

Like many others, I only heard of Max after his death and went back and viewed some of his interviews. It's quite a labyrinth to explore the research he was involved in.


I think it completely fits in with why MKULTRA would have existed in the first place and is certainly plausible.

When reptilians, hyperdimensional entities and Zeta Reticulans come in, though, I have to pause.

It's not that I don't believe them and write them all off as dishonest, but I certainly believe it well in the realm of possibility that their memories are so damaged and fragmented that they may only remember their handlers as "reptiles" or "aliens" as a disguise mechanism or a natural effect of disassociative amnesia.

I'm certainly in the camp that believes whatever the real story is, it's weirder than anyone ever expected.

Always important to keep an open mind as we know fact is often stranger than fiction.

I'm convinced that there's no way that the CIA walked away from MK Ultra and mind control research, they only buried it deeper underground. So, I have sympathy for those who have been victimized by these sorts of human experimentation.

Like most of the individuals in your wonderful series, they met an untimely end just before they may have disclosed valuable information to the public. The same goes for Monica Petersen who was investigating the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. It would be a real buoy to researchers to obtain a copy of her Master's thesis. Likewise, I'd love to know what Max Spiers had discovered in regards to Michael Aquino.

From my findings Spiers' published work on Aquino isn't too revelatory outside of the known facts of the Presidio incident. He does state in an interview, however, that he believed Aquino was psychically attacking him.

All in all I think these are a lot of highly damaged individuals who could be manipulated by a particularly nefarious person or group aware to their kind of psychological issues.

It'd be curious to look into this "white brotherhood" Casbolt mentions which seems to be a sort of faction diametrically opposed to Spiers'. I feel like that whole "droned individual" list just screams hitlist.

Also, I've been trying to hold off on Monica since she seemed like the most obvious one, but I was thinking of giving it a shot next. Her case is also pretty scattered and complex, but it's one that I would be interested to see in light of the family's skepticism about suicide.

You know Hilary Clinton has been linked by some to The Presidio affair?
Personally, I don't think she's bad essentially, but may have had connections (real connections, real behaviour, not suggestions) forced upon her.
Many have had that. I suppose it would make her absolutely the norm in those fields, rather than the exception.


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