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Max Spiers and Stewart Swerdlow

Moments before his recent death, Max Spiers would tell his mom, "If anything happens to me, investigate." Spiers believed he was being targeted by a cult trying to "deprogramme" him for his sensitive knowledge, and soon after Spiers would suffer from major intestinal trauma, vomit blackened blood and ultimately die in July of 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Above image is of Max Spiers and Stewart Swerdlow, the man who brought Spiers to Poland

The case remains unsolved, but Polish authorities are currently receiving autopsy results and have since started questioning the individual who called the ambulance, Monika Duval. As of February, 2017 the case is currently being looked at as involuntary manslaughter,(1) but apparently no post-mortem analysis of the body was done and proper police procedures were not taken during attempts to resuscitate Spiers.(2)

Max Spiers was a noted "conspiracy theorist" and author who's research included UFOs and CIA mind control, as well as the belief that he himself had been programmed to be a supersoldier as a child. Near the time of his death, however, Spiers was specifically investigating a U.S. military pedophile ring surrounding Army officer and public Satanist, Michael Aquino.(3)

This article will highlight Spiers' research on U.S. military pedophile rings and mind control, as well as look more in-depth into the aspects of Spiers' death including his associates. In particular we will look at Spiers' known enemy and research rival James Casbolt as well as Stewart Swerdlow and their possible involvement in Spiers' death.

As a warning this was possibly the most complicated subject I've had to research yet. This article may seem long-winded and sometimes outright bizarre, but there are so many splintered pieces to this case that it took a great deal of painstaking effort to make it all cohesive.

Some claims and references may be difficult to consider, and I for one do not believe all of the claims of Max Spiers. His research, as well as that of James Casbolt, was highly controversial and earned them a great deal of public ridicule. Regardless of opinions, however, a crime has almost certainly been committed and we owe it to victims to at least honestly consider the facts and circumstances.

Thus, I ask the reader to suspend disbelief at least until all the facts have been presented and honestly consider their totality. The odds of this case being effectively solved by law enforcement are slim to none, but enough evidence exists, I believe, to warrant searches and further investigations.

Spiers knew he was in trouble, and it's the least we can do to try and find out what happened to him.

This is part of an on-going series to highlight the stories of individuals who died mysteriously when disclosing information on government-sponsored criminal activity, in particular child trafficking.

Max Spiers' findings on MKULTRA, mind-control and military pedophilia

One of the most adamant believers that Max Spiers was killed for his research is his own mother, Vanessa Bates. In an interview with Bates, she stated, "I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead."(4)

What then, was Spiers specifically researching?

According to lectures given by Spiers, he believed children were being used to the present-day as mind control subjects for applications such as spying, assassination and prostitution. To ideally fracture a subject's mind and control their alternate personalities for these tasks a subject needs to ideally be less than 3 years old.

To gather these ideal mind control subjects, parents would be found through various projects who were more willing or susceptible to giving away their children to these causes. Spiers cites such projects as "Project Oaktree" and "Project Ibis" as examples.

Many of Spiers' interviews and lectures can be found on YouTube which cover a variety of topics, but for reference to this article I believe this to be the most helpful and complete:

Operation Oaktree, IBIS and the story of James Casbolt

James Casbolt
James Casbolt

The earliest mentions of projects Oaktree and Ibis, at least that I could find, were from an individual named James Casbolt (otherwise known as Michael Prince).

James Casbolt claims to have been employed by the British intelligence agency, MI6, during the 1990s and that he comes from a family of secret agents. Casbolt's story would be published in his autobiography, Agent Buried Alive, in 2008.

Agent Buried Alive tells how Casbolt claims to be a subject of "Project Mannequin", a continuation of Project Oaktree, for which he had been chosen since birth, much like the story of Max Spiers. Casbolt endured years of trauma and physical abuse through his handlers in the program. By 14, Casbolt committed an armed robbery at a convenience store and at 16 he began killing on behalf of his handlers.

Projects Oaktree and Mannequin were allegedly designed to find the descendants of the "Tribe of Dan", one of the biblical "Lost Tribes of Israel". It is believed that this tribe's lineage went on to become the Spartans of Greece, Merovingian kings of France, and the demi-god "Tuatha De Danann" of the Celts. According to Casbolt the owl and eagle are symbols of the Tribe of Dan and are a reference to the entity known as Ishtar/Isis.

Once part of Project Mannequin, subjects would be trained for specific tasks often pertaining to remote viewing and assassination. Casbolt explains that at the time of his first killing he had no knowledge of the target. After being handed a 9mm handgun by his handlers, Casbolt walked to a bar and waited. Instinctively, Casbolt walked up to a man outside, shot him in the head repeatedly and ran away. Afterwards, Casbolt was "debriefed" by another handler and given commands to forget the event.

Casbolt would state in his own words the negative effects this prolonged form of mind control had on his mental health:

The memories that I have uncovered about my part in the project are only the tip of the iceberg.

However, with the time, effort, and working with the right professionals who specialise in de-programming mind control, I will be able to put the pieces of my life back together.

My motivation for doing this is to eventually be part of shutting Project Mannequin down and exposing the NSA personnel who are involved in this horrific mind control and genetic experimentation.

I did not volunteer for this, and the people running the project, such as Mr. Whitmore (former head of the project) code named “Sentinel,” Mr. Samms (head of security), Mr. Hodge, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Perchowski, Commander Clavius and Commander Breaker, as well as the new generation of scientists, doctors and torturers, will pay dearly.

Casbolt admits to having psychological issues throughout his life, and was arrested in 2012 for stalking his ex-wife and allegedly threatening her family and others,(5) but attributes much of this behavior and his inability to remember to the abuses suffered in his childhood. While Casbolt's claims and demeanor are certainly outlandish and offensive to many, it's important to remember that even if only fractions of his story are true, Casbolt's behavior would be greatly shaped by these traumatic events.

James Casbolt and Max Spiers

While Casbolt and Spiers share very similar life stories and opinions, it does not appear they were personally friends oddly enough. An associate of the two, Miles Johnston, equated to two as "sparring partners"(6), but seems to be more to this story than what was seen on the surface.

In February of 2014, Casbolt personally blogged that Max Spiers was #1 on a list of 29 "droned-individuals".(7) In reptilian conspiracy circles, apparently "droned-individuals" are ones who have been killed and their consciousness replaced with a reptilian's.(8)

Here is a screenshot of the blog post itself:

Casbolt email

After Spiers' actual death, Casbolt would accuse Spiers of being involved in a pedophile cult. In addition, members of the highly suspicious forum, Godlike Productions, accused Spiers of sexual inappropriateness in support of Casbolt.(9)

Things get stranger still between these two, however. Before Max's death, apparently James Casbolt had spread the story that Max Spiers and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Sarah Adams, seduced Casbolt's ex-wife, Hailey Meijer.(10)

I find this idiosyncrasy of the two to be interesting in that why would Spiers propagate a story that can almost be entirely attributed to James Casbolt if the two were actually known, bitter enemies? To date Casbolt remains the earliest mention and is the only (arguably) official source on the subject of Project Oaktree and Ibis.

This tells me that Spiers risked his own life and reputation to tell a story he likely truly believed, even if he didn't personally agree with more well-known "official" sources. If Spiers and Casbolt indeed suffered similar trauma by similar groups as children, it seems to me that these philosophically-opposed individuals were actually corroborating one another's stories whether they liked it or not.

Even though James Casbolt was in prison when Spiers died, he wrote a letter that October for the general public about his thoughts on Spiers' passing. Almost all of the letter describes Casbolt's own "eagerly" awaited comeback, but in the second paragraph Casbolt simply states:

I was saddened to hear of Max Spier's recent death. From the Pyrenees to the modern world, one could say time and destiny continues to move forward.

Obviously James Casbolt lost no sleep over Max's death.

The death of Max Spiers

Max Spiers texted his mother days before his death on July 14th, "Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate". He also insisted that she not involve his ex girlfriend 31-year-old Sarah Adams, with whom he was still in contact.(11)

On July 16th, 2016, Max Spiers suddenly vomited up black fluid and died on the sofa of Monika Duval in Warsaw, Poland.(12) Many have speculated that this was due to a opiate overdose, as vomiting is common, but the blackness of the fluid suggests a great deal of intestinal trauma and/or possibly other drugs. In addition, as of yet toxicology reports have remained inconclusive.(13)

Monika Duval, who discovered the body, would not allow the police or doctor who pronounced him dead to take Max's body when they came to her house.(14)

In spite of the suspicious nature of his death and the lack of apparent cause or post-mortem analysis, Polish prosecutors would not be informed of Spiers' death until August 30, 2016. By that time the body had been sent back to British authorities and thus an autopsy could not be performed.(15)

Spiers' mom, Vanessa Bates, would describe her shock at the ensuing investigation:

Max was a very fit man who was in good health and yet he apparently just died suddenly on a sofa.

All I have is a death certificate from the Polish authorities that it was from natural causes, but no post-mortem was done so how can they tell that?

They are also refusing to release any paperwork about it to me because, absurdly, I don’t have his written permission.

Source: Interview with Spiers' mom, Vanessa Bates

Suspect: Stewart Swerdlow

Stewart Swerdlow
Stewart Swerdlow

On July 16th, the day of Spiers' death, a close friend of Spiers and Huffington Post journalist, Stewart Swerdlow, informed the public of Max's death.(16) In addition to claims of being a supersoldier experiment himself, apparently Stewart Swerdlow also considers himself a supersoldier "deprogrammer".(17)

According to sources closest to Spiers, Stewart Swerdlow was likely involved if not the actual person that killed Spiers. A friend of Spiers, Miles Johnston, as well as Spiers' ex-girlfriend, Sarah Adams, both assert that Stewart Swerdlow was involved in murdering Max.(18) Just a few days after Spiers' death, Sarah Adams disclosed that Stewart Swerdlow's wife had given Max Spiers some sort of prescription medication.(19)

It turns out Stewart Swerdlow was the one responsible for bringing Max to Poland and introducing him to the people Max stayed with. However, according to the initial post, Swerdlow had not been in contact with Spiers for the last month.(20) Almost immediately Swerdlow himself began blaming Sarah Adams whom he considered to be "Max's handler" even though she was not in Poland.(21)

Strangely enough for fellow conspiracy theorist and friend, and in complete contradiction to initially blaming Sarah Adams, Swerdlow now adamantly denies there was any wrongdoing in Spiers' death whatsoever. Despite not having seen Max for a month, Swerdlow states matter-of-factly that, "He was not attacked, he was not murdered, he was a very programmed person."(22)

In an official statement from Swerdlow himself later that October he states, "His passing has absolutely nothing to do with any conspiracy."(23)

Swerdlow also made a number of comments in his official statement of Max's death that were taken as direct jabs at Miles Johnston and Sarah Adams, such as, "I am truly saddened that instead of letting Max rest in peace, attention-seeking trouble-makers are trying to literally cash in on his death as well as drag myself and others through the mud."(24)

The strangeness doesn't stop there, however. James Casbolt made some statements after Spiers' death which were brought up in a YouTube show called Super Soldier Talk. In an episode, host James Rink gives statements from the imprisoned James Casbolt. Casbolt claims to have "remote viewed" Spiers' death and "knows" that Max Spiers ingested tampered drugs meant to kill him and that Sarah Adams was involved.

For the rare few who believe Casbolt's "remote viewing", Casbolt also tells James Rink that Hillary Clinton is an enlightened "light-being" who wants to free us...



This is perhaps the most convoluted and bizarre case I have ever looked into in my entire life, but it seems that through diligent effort we may yet piece the puzzle together in spite of the slothfulness of Polish law enforcement.

If you scroll back up to the email of "droned-individuals" written by Casbolt in 2014, you'll see that the top two members of that list are Max Spiers and Sarah Adams. James Rink, whom Casbolt would later tell the "remote viewing" story of Max Spiers that "implicated" Sarah Adams, is interestingly enough 3rd on this list.

While this may seem obvious, sources close to Casbolt admit that,"It seemed like anybody that disagreed with James or did not want to follow his lead was a droned individual."(25)

Miles Johnston, interestingly, appears (at least in 2014) as first on the list of "non-droned" individuals. This would mean that Johnston and Casbolt were at least somewhat friends at this time. Johnston in fact was the one who labeled Spiers and Casbolt as "sparring partners",(26) so it seems that all three individuals knew each other fairly well.

Despite Johnston being an ally of convenience for Casbolt, however, Johnston would turn on him after the death of Max Spiers in support of the much-loathed Sarah Adams. One has to wonder why?

To attempt to summarize these findings I have developed a working theory on this case that may the the best theory yet to explain all of its incredible oddities.

It is my belief that James Casbolt harassed or somehow influenced Stewart Swerdlow to leave Max Spiers with Monika Duval, who eventually carried out the killing. The way I see things Casbolt had the motive to kill Spiers, Swerdlow had the means to bring Spiers to Poland and Duval had the ability to kill him with tampered drugs. All four were closely associated together, and yet Spiers was the only one among them listed as a "droned individual".

In addition, James Casbolt, Monika Duval and Stewart Swerdlow appear to be the only individuals actively lying about and covering up aspects of Spiers' death. All three, however, have inconsistent and changing stories about the nature of his death as well.

It's worth mentioning that Spiers' own mom, while skeptical of her son's personal studies, truly believed he was "killed by a cult who tried to deprogramme him."(27) In all of this research I was able to find only one, self-proclaimed "supersoldier deprogrammer", and this was Stewart Swerdlow...

Now how's that for some much-needed logic?



I am the personal assistant to Sarah Adams and can put you in touch with Sarah and with Haley Meijer who can give you more detailed information. Please email me at [email protected]

What do you make of the whole Super Soldier idea?

Like many others, I only heard of Max after his death and went back and viewed some of his interviews. It's quite a labyrinth to explore the research he was involved in.

I think it completely fits in with why MKULTRA would have existed in the first place and is certainly plausible.

When reptilians, hyperdimensional entities and Zeta Reticulans come in, though, I have to pause.

It's not that I don't believe them and write them all off as dishonest, but I certainly believe it well in the realm of possibility that their memories are so damaged and fragmented that they may only remember their handlers as "reptiles" or "aliens" as a disguise mechanism or a natural effect of disassociative amnesia.

I'm certainly in the camp that believes whatever the real story is, it's weirder than anyone ever expected.

Always important to keep an open mind as we know fact is often stranger than fiction.

I'm convinced that there's no way that the CIA walked away from MK Ultra and mind control research, they only buried it deeper underground. So, I have sympathy for those who have been victimized by these sorts of human experimentation.

Like most of the individuals in your wonderful series, they met an untimely end just before they may have disclosed valuable information to the public. The same goes for Monica Petersen who was investigating the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. It would be a real buoy to researchers to obtain a copy of her Master's thesis. Likewise, I'd love to know what Max Spiers had discovered in regards to Michael Aquino.

From my findings Spiers' published work on Aquino isn't too revelatory outside of the known facts of the Presidio incident. He does state in an interview, however, that he believed Aquino was psychically attacking him.

All in all I think these are a lot of highly damaged individuals who could be manipulated by a particularly nefarious person or group aware to their kind of psychological issues.

It'd be curious to look into this "white brotherhood" Casbolt mentions which seems to be a sort of faction diametrically opposed to Spiers'. I feel like that whole "droned individual" list just screams hitlist.

Also, I've been trying to hold off on Monica since she seemed like the most obvious one, but I was thinking of giving it a shot next. Her case is also pretty scattered and complex, but it's one that I would be interested to see in light of the family's skepticism about suicide.

You know Hilary Clinton has been linked by some to The Presidio affair?
Personally, I don't think she's bad essentially, but may have had connections (real connections, real behaviour, not suggestions) forced upon her.
Many have had that. I suppose it would make her absolutely the norm in those fields, rather than the exception.


Max was an incredibly special human to me . Him and Sara Adams were both major influences in my life. May the truth come to light about his death and those responsible for it.

"Droned invidual" need only mean something such as controlled, or brainwashed, or hypnotised, or kind of having the will conquered.
Mind controlled in a particular way.

But let me take a hypothetical look further, perhaps into the so-called "reptilian" aspect. If there is anything to it, I suggest this is firstly and foremostly a planned mode, something conceived, rather than any absolute truth. The conception may include numerous methods to bring about the mode, for example, including mind control - pre-programming.

As the satanic type group entity or cult which would be doing that is supposed to be embodied as being kind of "reptilian" itself by some kind of nature, it can be intuitive that those "droned individuals" they control are under, or represent, the "reptilian".

I do understand that a type of character is intended to be represented by the term reptilian. I think, personally, it's deeply unfair to reptiles and that these animal species are used simply because of the fear they can invoke in children (and adults). They aren't cuddly for a start. I don't understand why scales have a relatively bad name myself, but they don't seem to be the most popular kind of animal skin.

Personally I think reptiles are lovely. (Probably, not particularly looking for close encounters though, personally, as with any carnivorous wild animal). Reptiles are typically more shy than many mammals. I cannot see what differentiates them from the planning (cunning if you will) carnivority of dogs in the wild and cute bears to our beloved whales and dolphins, birds, cats and of course, top of the beast food chain, humans.

Humans are the ones who remove whole species lives of natural freedom from them, for food purposes: farming. No other species does anything like that, nothing nearly as possessive, perpetually dominating here or interfering.

It may well be that through a kind of psychic consciousness or spirit inter-dimensionality, certain beings have been seen to change to resemble reptiles. However, I suggest if this kind of psychic consciousness or spirit inter-dimensional shape-shifting is going on, a human might shape-shift into any beast chosen by the controlling spiritual entity.

So, any specifically reptilian appearances may form part of an agenda.

Mind control may also, at times, form a part of seeming shape shifting experiences. So may magic.

This is not principally a material world, and I don't find too much reason to doubt that the laws of everyday physics and even typical biology could easily come fairly low down on the list of actual defining descriptors (or "power").

Anyway, it's a bit of a tangent, an attempted understanding of the so-called reptilian phenomenon.

The main point is that "droned individuals" can simply mean those who no longer are answering to their higher minds, but instead are controlled in whatever ways by an external entity or entitties.

The problem with discussing the subject of the death of Max Spiers is that different sources say different things, and one can't really know what is rumour and what is fact or at least not as far from fact. (Before either the British inquest or Polish investigation conclude.)

Your source says that Duval wouldn't allow Mr Spiers' body to be taken from her place by either police or doctor.

The source I came across originally seemed to say the opposite - that both dr and police would not remove Mr Spiers' body despite Ms Duval's requests to.
I think it was suggested the police first actually refused to take Max's body anywhere, as they needed a medic initally. I'm not sure if Mr Spiers would have been dead at the point, or long dead.
I understood the police could not initially decide that a crime was involved. I think that can prevent them removing the body, by law - to morgue. As they were satisified the dr was coming or present, I suppose they had no further responsibility to move the body to a hospital.

I believe the dr could not resuscitate Max, after which, the body ceased to be his responsibility and he refused to move the body, despite Ms Duval's requests.
Possibly some exchange ocurred between dr and police, where what the dr said to the police still would not lead them to decide a crime had taken place.
That being so, it may be that the body was left until investigators could attend on a non-urgent basis.
My understanding from the source was that Ms Duval pleaded with both to take the body and thought for some time he may be resuscitated.
She may have been in shock.

But I have no idea which source and which story is correct, or the more correct. I suggest that is the same position most people are in - people who's sources of the death of Mr Spiers are general press and internet reports are all in this position.

What a bizarre conclusion.
Casbolt - imprisoned, to be implicated as only someone such as Poirot might implicate an absent suspect - told Swerdlow where to find the candlestick and implanted our trio's plot.

Swerdlow gave the candlestick to Duval, or at least led Mr Spiers to the study.

Then it was Duval with the candlestick in the study.
Or the lead piping in the study, depending on the degree of prior collusion.

Does Mr Casbolt even know Mr Swerdlow (of recent times anyway)?
I'm not even sure the conclusion is meant to be fully serious.

Rest in Peace, Max.

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