Great News! "Fluoride Lowers IQ in Unborn Children" - Major EPA Funded Study. Court Case Ensues To Remove Fluoride From Water Supplies!

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Great news for those of us who have been exposing the massively arrogant and frankly possibly criminal use of 'fluoride' in water supplies around the world. Not only has a major new study been published that reinforces the many other studies that show that Fluoridation lowers IQ in children, but the issue is now being forced to a court case in America which will, for the first time, force the government's 'experts' to testify under oath..!

James Corbett interviewed Dr. Paul Connett recently to let us know an update on all this. I have provided more useful links below:

New EPA Study into Water Fluoridation Shows Significant Damage to Childrens' Brains and IQ

A new 12 Year study, funded by EPA and other key bodies - performed by prestigious universities from North America confirms that there is a statistically significant connection between fluoride in mother's urine and lowered IQ in their children. Unborn children have been harmed by water fluoridation for decades and this study (along with numerous others) solidifies this fact.

The amazing thing here is that the EPA's defense in the ongoing court case in America wherein the Government policy of water fluoridation is being legally challenged (by the Fluoride Action Network and others) is mainly that the mountain of studies that show an IQ drop in fluoridated children are 'junk science' - however, this new study is funded BY the EPA and it totally contradicts them!

Bashash M, Thomas D, Hu H, et al. 2017. Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico.

Excerpt from study: In this study, higher levels of maternal urinary fluoride during pregnancy (a proxy for prenatal fluoride exposure) that are in the range of levels of exposure in other general population samples of pregnant women as well as nonpregnant adults were associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 6–12 y old.

Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network introduces the study in the following video and goes into more depth in his interview with @corbettreport (see below):

Many Studies Show the Link Between Fluoride Exposure and Lowered IQ

For a full breakdown/overview of the studies in question, I suggest reading the page at the Fluoride Action Network here. The following is taken from that page:

As of September 2017, a total of 59 studies have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence, and over 40 studies have investigated the relationship fluoride and learning/memory in animals. Of these investigations, 52 of the 59 human studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals. The human studies, which are based on IQ examinations of over 12,000 children, provide compelling evidence that fluoride exposure during the early years of life can damage a child’s developing brain.

After reviewing 27 of the human IQ studies, a team of Harvard scientists concluded that fluoride’s effect on the young brain should now be a “high research priority.” (Choi, et al 2012). Other reviewers have reached similar conclusions, including the prestigious National Research Council (NRC), and scientists in the Neurotoxicology Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (Mundy, et al). In the table below, we summarize the results from the 51 studies that have found associations between fluoride and reduced IQ and provide links to full-text copies of the studies. For a discussion of the 7 studies that did not find an association between fluoride and IQ, click here.

Source: Fluoride Alert

Fund Raising For the Court Case

fund raising

If you want to support the action to clean up our water and to bring justice and integrity that little bit closer - while also improving the world's IQ levels - please consider donating to the Fluoride Action Network. You can click on the banner image above to go to the info page on their site.

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Wow, this is great news! Now if they can remove flouride from toothpaste and dentist's offices...

my philosophy is live and let live..

and i will kill anyone that disagrees

Easier to expose the native population to this, than to let hordes of low IQ foreigners in for a free lunch and to breed w/the native popl'n. Lower overall IQ's is the name of the game after all. Europe chose a different path, at least for now. Ty for posting this!

It's frustrating and disturbing to consider that we have been persistently lied to for hundreds of years now . How the world accepts what a group of people.say without even researching on it is really appalling.


Sadly, we are in the midst of a vast network of conspiracy that has used almost every imaginable method to mislead as many as possible - even going as far as promoting those with low intelligence into positions of high responsibility and 'authority' to ensure their inability to make good decisions.

Very good news! Though I expect something to hold it up and continue as long as possible... Luckily I filter everything as of a few years ago.

Interesting story. I feel more of this kind of expository stories should be making headlines daily Thanks @ura-soul

You are welcome. Absolutely, yes - however, many people continue to blindly trust in 'voices of authority' and so we are left to take up the challenge of spreading truth ourselves. So be it!

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Have a nice day. :)

It is interesting how long this has taken. I am almost 40 years old (my oldest brother over 50) and our parents had rain water tanks and non-fluoridated toothpaste for all of our childhoods. From what I have heard, fluoride also makes people more susceptible to suggestion.

It's sad that we have to keep saying this... I mean, it's old news but most people still don't know.

This is a great research. Thank you for sharing @ura-soul

Down with fluoride!
Down with aluminum!
Down with chlorine!

On second thought, maybe municipal govt's should stop wasting money of all of it and dispense Life-straws!! Those things are amazing. But people would also need to remember to supplement for their loss of natural vitamins and minerals, strained out by the Life-straw.

Chlorine does at least serve a purpose. W/out it many water supplies would be un-drinkable, for they would be littered w/pathogens and bacteria. If administered w/care, it is the least horrifying of your 3!

Great stuff, This is one of the reasons I drink only fruitjuice and eat lots of fruit, instead of drinking normal water.

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Nazis and Communists agree, Fluoride helps children's teeth and 'dumbing down' the population.

It astounds me that they go to such great expense to protect our teeth by adding fluoride to the water, but without insurance we can't see a doctor for a life threatening disease!
There is more to the story, but most people don't seem to care.

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Well I think that's one of the biggest discovery. Imagine the future generations born with the lowest of IQ, the world will go astray. The government should take strict action against the use of fluoride in drinking water.

without us knowing it can ruin all joints of our joint life as human beings, and thank you very much for sharing this interesting post @ ura_soul

Super, super important post! It's unbelievable to me, however, that this even needs to be studied for 12 years? It's not used in most of Europe and the effects of fluoride go back to before WWII. It's obvious that a lot more cleanup needs to be done at the EPA. I don't understand why European studies are not used as well.

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