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RE: FBI REBELS? Leak Hillary Clinton's Missing Emails Were Offered To JOURNALISTS & Darknet For $500K; Given To FBI Covered Up

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Another great post dude, well researched as ever.
I can't wait until the 'Clinton Crime Family' are finally taken down. They are one of Americas biggest embarrassments.


This was a genuine leak of links and information mostly I did add some additional details here and there but this was a pissed off former/current FBI agent.

Highly rEsteemed as always AK. This is a BIG one.
I have to share the fact that NO ONE is capable of bringing
down the Clintons... No One! If it were possible, then they would be in cages by now. But instead, we the people get to keep exposing the many, MANY crimes and the order followers in Washington continue to run around acting like nothing is wrong. Look at Comey's way at handling the original investigation; plenty of immunity offers and NO charges! Even all of this new evidence will be ignored by the Bureaucrats.

The simplest way to get HRC taken down is to plant a bag of Weed on her and order the DEA to enforce the God Damn Law! Apparently, ALL of these OTHER VIOLATIONS are Far too complicated for the Authorities to do anything about.

Thanks Frank time for much needed rest after that one.

I pray for the day the Clintons finally get what they deserve and the Clinton body count can finally stop.

they aren't going down dude, don't get your hopes up.