Steem Blockchain 5 Tag Glitch Resolved

in #news5 years ago (edited)

The glitch where users could only use 4 tags (instead of 5) that was described in this post has been resolved on


Thanks for latest post. Very helpfully. Resteem this one.

Thanks for the great news, many of my first post definitely had 5 tags and I wasn't aware for the longest time that there was a glitch in relation to this. I hope the old posts will also be resolved as well through this remediation?!? I assume so. Thanks again. Namaste :)

Yes, I checked several of my old posts with 5 tags, and they are showing up now.

AWESOME!!! All for one and one for all! The sky is not the limit, we can go much further! Namaste :)

Really? I am not sure. Just to show an example, there is still one of my old post that is not appearing where it should. Check it here. The post number 2 is not present.

Odd. All the ones I have checked (besides your example) are showing up. I'll open a new GitHub issue for it when I get home tonight.

Here is the GitHub issue: I am really interested to see what this is..

Thanks for the update Tim. On the ball as always.

Thanks for the info. Good to know finally it's fixed. :-)
Resteemed the worthwhile info.

Very good job, thank you very much for the information sir @timcliff

I'm going right back into my post to give it an extra tag!!!

Whether it needs one or not! ;o)

Thanks for the info! Cheers!

Really? Congratulations!

Thanks for sharing this info with the community!

Awesome, thanks for the update! Giving the extra tag to my old posts now!

Good to know. Thank you so much!

Gut zu wissen. Vielen Dank!


Thanks Tim.

Question though:

You can tag with 5 and then check to see if it shows up in all 5...... and it might.... but does that mean the glitch that buries it kind of is actually fixed?

IDK how to explain it better, you know me -- not a techie. lol

"the glitch that buries it kind of" .. sorry, can you elaborate?

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