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RE: New Tool from - Create New Steem Blockchain Accounts with SteemConnect!

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New Tool from - Create New Steem Blockchain Accounts with SteemConnect!

in news •  6 months ago

0.1 STEEM is the account_creation_fee, which needs to be multiplied by 30. 3.0 STEEM is the minimum to create an account without delegation. 7 will work too :)

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Thanks for clarifying, Tim. Really appreciate what you do for us :)

What about creating an account with delegation? Does that involve less than 3 STEEM as investment?
Would the new account still be able to post?
I have to create an account for my friend, and the OTP system isn't working for India.


If you use the delegation option, you only need to vest (give) 0.1 STEEM to the account, but you have to delegate an additional 14.5 SP. They will still be able to post, vote, etc.


Thank you for your response.
I have neither of the requirements to make an account. Neither MVESTS, nor SP. However, I think that I can create an account with a hybrid form of payment. Do you think that is possible? Or should I just pay using Crypto the old fashioned way?


Message me on steem chat. I’ll create the account for you.