(insert simulation of human thought)
(computing appropriate level of show of empathy)
(best I can do now is below)

I am really sorry...that we got the way how about that sick new Puerto Rico virtual tour app !!

I've watched it on Youtube already but I prefer to give a like here:)

I watch on YouTube first then here again. But deff comment on steemit from here on out.

I'm a bit sick of YouTube, especially after all the censorship shenanigans.

Welcome to my world. I wrote an entire blog on my history of YouTube & it's downfall. Bottom line is YouTube needs serious competition.

Can you give me the link to your blog post? I would like to read it. Maybe competition is coming their way. They're not too big to fail.

I watch it here, and give it a like here since that is what gives crypto to the channel :)

I watched this one - however the one on Cambridge Analytica / Obama / Trump has some serious research problems. If you don't understand data analytics and data mining you probably shouldn't be so quick to run with the consensus narrative.

I read a detailed report about Cambridge and their role in the 2016 election in January of 2017. It's funny this is just barely getting attention now.

Hey Jimmy, I just wrote something for steemit that I think fits into the type of new you deliver, so share it for me if you can. thanks!
I appreciate all you do, keep it up!

The Cambridge Analytica - part of the story is developing. None the less, an important video. Main stream media keep revealing how skewed their covereage is. Here, as you point out, the grasping of this as a an all-important factor in the election of Trump, and the complete brushing over the fact that CA is a non- US company, and the need to juxtapose their work to the indictment of the Internet Research Agency. Completely unrelated: Cool logo, Stef!

A very interesting article about the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, SCL and the Deep State in the UK.

It wasn't the Russians,it was Facebook who colluded with a foreign power and tried to sway the election.Oh and the media which gave 6 billion dollar value free airtime to Trump non-stop.

Decentralise EVERYTHING!

So what's FB being thrown under the bus for? Just cause they wont promote the Russia lie?

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