Comedian Handcuffed & Ejected From White House Correspondents’ Dinner

in news •  7 months ago

Randy Credico ended up finding some trouble at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Wow so much for the 1st Amendment

These events, these opulent orgies of self-aggrandizement are the place to protest. Why stand in front of the WH or the Capitol? Much more effective if, as if out of nowhere, 10,000 working Americans show up to end the festivities. Torches optional. Bust through the doors, turn the tables and sit in protest of the war state, corporate media, bailouts, cronyism, and oligarchy.That's my dream., but I had to work.


"I'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one." - Lennon.
I know that the quote wasn't meant for that, but I feel it's still appropriate for our revolutionary fervor.

What a sad, but expected, state of events that has transpired. Tbqh, the little details like the Dems' memories of your show, their contrasting character and propagandous slew in general being confirmed just reaffirms my hatred for the Dems. But the fact that this oversight happened makes me just laugh at their inconsistencies and inefficiencies.
If a serious revolution happens, these people will either crack hard or be co-opted by hardliners that are serious. Shows the actual effects when there's a lack of serious political enemies and the malaise of non-serious attitudes towards politics. But I guess to stay in either Republican or Democratic parties, there has to be a non-serious attitude or one will be ousted out faster than one can fire a shot.

Go Randy!!!! Hilarious