North Korea Fires Another Missile

in #news4 years ago

Kim Jong Poopy Pants has fired a ballistic missile, South Korean media say, quoting military officials.

More info on BBC.


There should be no nukes or missiles anywhere on this planet or in space .... that includes the United States ,,,,..

Despite this, I think that nuclear weapons are the main peacemaker of our time. Fear of nuclear war does not allow large countries to fight each other directly. However, this does not prevent them from destabilizing small countries.

Good point .... but I still that that fear shouldn’t be a driver of peace ... Weapons ... are not needed for a peaceful world .... understanding and tolerance ... and the dismantling of empires .... is what is

Of course it should not, but people are not yet ready for an peaceful world, as the experience of previous years shows. I also want to believe that someday there will come a time when we stop rushing at each other and all this stupid armament will sink in the air.

Here we go again...dayuum what we gon do now!?...

Ohh man of course. They need to stop.

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I upvoted just for the "Kim Jong Poopy Pants" part.

Now trending on social media: #kimjongpoopypants

its the new normal

What does Korean leader try to do? A Fight?

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