Congress Hid Illegal Legislation in Farm Bill to Further Support Horrific Genocide in Yemen and It Passed

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 Yesterday, Congress violated the Constitution and the War Powers Act  by voting to block and further moves by Congress, to withdraw U.S.  forces from the wholesale slaughter and genocide currently taking place  in Yemen. This move was done using the Farm Bill. Many Americans are wondering what, exactly, a Farm Bill has to do  with genocide in Yemen. The answer to that question is absolutely  nothing. However, it does make for a good hiding place for insidious and  illegal legislation, which is why the Agriculture Improvement Act of  2018 contained a section which removed the application of the War Powers  Resolution. 

As the mainstream media reported on the government finally legalizing  a plant—industrial hemp—that should have never been illegal in the  first place, one of the most disgusting moves ever by Congress was  carried out in the dark like cockroaches. 

“To avoid a debate on whether the US should be involved in a war in  Yemen, today our leadership will trick members into suspending the  provisions of the War Powers Act,” tweeted representative Thomas Massie  yesterday morning. “Sad!” he said. “Despicable” that House Speaker Paul  Ryan “is shirking responsibility for debating our involvement in the  Yemen war by hiding the war resolution in a procedural vote on the farm  bill.”

  In short, members of Congress voted to suspend the War Powers Act  with regard to Yemen and halt any further debate on America’s support of  the terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia inside the country. Insidious  indeed. However, this is the second time Congress attempted to sneak a vote  for perpetual war in Yemen into entirely unrelated legislation. Last  time, they hid it inside a bill about wolves. 

 The current conflict in Yemen, which was manufactured as a proxy war  by Saudi Arabia, targeting its bitter enemy, Iran, is America’s dirty  little secret which the media refuses to question. According to a 2107 analysis from Unicef, more than 5,000 children have been slaughtered  in the war, with the death toll from violence alone surpassing  10,000—as millions teeter on the brink of starvation.

The number of  casualties has only continued to increase since then. And, as a report  from the United Nations noted, the parties involved are conducting operations “heedless of their impact on civilians.” 

As The Free Thought Project has reported, the current situation in Yemen is nothing short of genocide, as there are 14 million civilians in starvation, and 19 million out of the country’s 27 million population “in need of some form of aid.”  Saudi Arabia has repeatedly facilitated famine, continued to murder  children, and all of it is with the help and approval of the United  States. 85,000 children have already succumb to disease and famine and a  child dies every 10 minutes in the country. To continue to support this  war is to be complicit in genocide. 

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Wow, I just made a post about this farm bill yesterday to inform people about the hemp legalization. Very sad news, the Yemen war is one of the worst ongoing atrocities out there, and we are complicit in it.

How is this even possible,
to sneak unrelated matters in?
I'd hope to believe this would make matters void in many countries.
USA - also country of madmen, truly.

I could not be more disgusted at this crime against humanity, and I am an American, born and raised. While I agree that obvious psychopaths have wrested the levers of power here from free and just people, I am unaware of any country where that has not happened, to some degree or another.

"USA - also country of madmen, truly."

Government is a tool for madmen, the world over. I wish it were not so.

I put the also in that sentence on purpose - to signify it is only a part of the USA. Obviously there are also a lot of geniuses and brilliant men in the USA.
Mad is just not government and military in the USA; there are other things people outside the USA really shake their head about when they think of the USA.

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