Press Release: Kim Dotcom launches Online Vigil to #ReconnectJulian

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Celebrities, whistleblowers, activists, journalists, diplomats and political leaders join online vigil to restore Julian Assange's human right to freedom of communication.


Click here for event media resources with key details.

As is being widely reported, WikiLeaks Editor In Chief Julian Assange has had his human right to freely communicate restricted, at the Ecuadorean Embassy in which he is arbitrarily detained. This includes the ability for him to receive visitors.

His friends, supporters and loved ones find this unacceptable and are coming together to demand Julian's access to them be immediately restored.

Assange's friend, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, is joining myself and other acquaintances and supporters of Julian and WikiLeaks, in an online vigil to be broadcast to You Tube and Facebook Live.

Watch the event here:

We are calling upon members of the public in the UK to assemble at the Ecuadorian Embassy (4 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge Station, opposite Harrods) to show their support for Julian.

Everyone unable to attend the Embassy in person is encouraged to join this online event to help raise awareness about Julian's situation.

Please amplify the hashtag: #ReconnectJulian and share this release everywhere.

Thank you,

Suzie Dawson
Journalist, activist, Leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand


I'm with you. This injustice must end.

It seems that Ecuador's new president, Moreno, may be bowing to US/UK pressure as Correa was more defiant and more sensitive to Assange's situation.

Not allowing Assange (political prisoner) visitors, phone calls or access to the internet seems overly-extreme. Certainly, this is further violation of his human rights.

How will we know if he's alright if all communications are removed?
Being cut-off completely like this is going to have a serious impact on his health and well being.

What a heartless and reprehensible move by Ecuadorian government.

Absolutely blatantly criminal treatment of a the man, and the whole world watches it happen.

#ReconnectJulian NOW! Check out "#ReconnectJulian Vigil LIVE Now ... some background re Cambridge Analytica and HSBC that you should know!" at

Thank you and @elizabethleavos for making this happen with @kimdotcom. You're all doing great work to keep the spotlight on Julian Assange.

This needs to stop. Resteemed so more people can join.

You guys are doing a great thing.

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