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Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal

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To answer that question you have to ask yourself to compare what you think terror is, make a list. Then list several other countries and envision you live there and list what you think terror is to them. If I am correct you will find that there is a lot of different answers for each country. Is terror any less then if not done by bombs dropping out of the air? Is it any less terrifying to find yourself running through the jungles being genocide by machetes? Is it any less terror being genocide by outdated old munitions bought on the black market by some corrupt regime? Is it any less terror being forced to marry and have sex with someone just because they believe that way? Is it any less terror being raped just because you are a women in the wrong tribe? The main stream media just doesn't report every single day on the multitudes of terror many people live each and every day. Millions of people die every year by being terrorized by one form of terrorist or the other. I've been blogging for three, four years now, finding materials to post you read a lot of stuff, a lot of it, and it's heartbreaking, depressing even, mankind is so cruel to each other it would be really hard to say there's a king of it somewhere.

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the higher the technology behind the terrorist acts, the more dangerous the administrator becomes... and the least likely the victims shall ever have hope of escaping (or hiding from). the Mark of the Beast we find described in Rev. 14: 9-11 will be the ultimate act of terror. Can't even conceive of that without a certain level of high-tech to find everyone, and keep track of the purveyors of goods. Even the "Hunger Games" movie explains this.

Fortunately, our Founders gave us the means to control this: