Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal

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$3 gas and added tension in the middle east is always my favorite

This is what you get when your President is the most powerful man in the world. Trump always in the news for good reasons but some will tell you is for bad reasons but the deal with the lran government for me is a right step in the right direction. Great post @adamkokesh

Vladamir Putin and Xi Jinpeng are significantly more powerful men. Putin bought Trump lol

He's not perfect, I think he genuinely cares about the success of the US. Compared to Hilary and past president he is doing a good job. That being said good government is just one that sucks less than average. If government didn't have so much power over people's lives it wouldn't matter who is running it.

If I were them I'd do the same thing, Trump said, ! that proves it this is just another Christian Crusade against the Holy Lands a contrived war to force small minded BS down the throat of good Muslims, ; harken !!! Jesus is a pox on Humanity if he sleeps with Netanyahu, and according to Christians he most certainly does, how disgusting. Pox Jesus please save me, I'll do anything you ask, well almost queer stuff is out.

In many rspects Trump has put his big feet right in it. He has reneged on an international agreement based on reasons that had nothing to do with it. Iran has complied with their part of the accord and the US has violated it.

The crotch grabber in the White House then expects Iran to return to renegotiate items that were not in this pact. The man is ignorant and devoid of any knowledge regarding international diplomacy.

Trump has led to a worsening of relations with allies in Europe and they are now firmly set to continue with the terms of the pact and continue dealing with Iran economically. Trump has further isolated the US but this could be beneficial for the EU as they can break free from the dictates of the Americans and lay firm foundations for an independent foreign policy both worldwide and, in particular, in the Middle East. Every cloud has its silver lining.

That's a nice way to put it...

I don't even see why the deal shouldn't be : "Nobody in the Middle East gets a nuke. That means you too, Israel..."

The only reason a country needs a nuke is because it's mortal enemy has one...

By any logic of nuclear deterence, Iran should have a nuke for self-defense capabilities...

But the real issue is Israel's illegal nuclear capabilities, not Iran's uranium enrichment programs...

Oh well, whatevs, guess big powerz alwayz gonna big power

My favorite joke of all time is "peace in the middle east". They have resources our economies need meaning everyone needs to get involved.

To be fair to Trump it wasn't a treaty and the average European hates the European union. The agreements are between governments that don't represent their people to stop programs the people don't want. Everyone should leave the middle east and let them work it out or destroy themselves. Outside of peaceful trade we have no business in the middle east. Point being agreement no agreement it doesn't matter.

Glad Adam brought it up in this video its about the dollar empire. Until we end the central banks and international financiers around the world this will continue.

  ·  last year (edited)

The Iran nuclear exist is another political battle for supremacy. The one with the final say
(Trump and Hilary disagree on this)
As both opposition have different view and the Iranian citizens saying its the best decision America ever took. The sanction that first hinder Iran from free trade and all sort. They all telling lies cos we all know its for their political gain.

The issue goes beyond the nuclear deal... The issue is that we need to break the big brother/ God like role and stay out of other countries issues.

I think it'll have been better to have Iran at least observed for nuclear testing so I hope an alternative comes forth. An alternative that can put Iran in check without the need to directly interfere or play God

In democracy there will always be a change in policies and priorities from one government to another. But a consistent disagreement with the (international) agreement, in which our country is part of it, risks undermining America's credibility, and puts us in a position opposed to the world's major powers.
What is the brain of Donald trump? ?
really, so questions!??

Even more good news. Trump is actually doing some nice things. Nowhere near perfect but far better than obama imo.

War with Iran is good?

Israel wants war with Iran and Trump has been resisting it so far. I don't think it will happen. The recent strikes in Syria were to save face, they weren't meaningful and they gave ample warning to the opposition.

My read is the Deep state wants war and Trump doesn't. Let's what happens in the midterms.

Do you still believe Trump isn't a major part of the talmudThumpers' "deep state"? What will it take to convince you? More D.E.W. attacks? More GeoEngineered "hurricanes"? More "false flag ops" like Vegas and Parkland? More pedo-kidnappers-traffickers running free and running wild just TCB?

I don't like any government. Still compared to what? Hilary? Trump has a huge ego, in his mind he wants to go down in history as the best president ever. His decisions are going to be more moderate. I'm sure the deep state has different plans for him. George Soros seems to hate him isn't that a positive sign?

Until we get rid governments and central banks it doesn't matter who is president or prime minister of a country. Want to stop human trafficking, end the systems protecting traffickers. Want to stop terrorism then stop funding them.

We can't presume to know who George Soros hates or doesn't hate... Where could you possibly be getting such information?
If Soros is spending money to discredit Trump on the liberal side, you can bet anything on Earth he's also pocketing profits from the deluded conservative side who are chomping down as hard on the propaganda as liberals were during the Obama era...
That's how an oligopoly works... Always have controlled opposition.

Falling for the Trump deception is just as sad as falling for the Obama one.


It's even sadder.

How long will people actually keep falling for this left-right paradigm shit?

Such a convincing deception I swear to the Lord.

#PleaseChangeEverythingKokesh #MandateToDismantleTheFederalGov

Not liking any government = blindly following Trump?

"Until we get rid governments and central banks it doesn't matter who is president or prime minister of a country." = Being stuck in left right paradigm?

I judge Soros based on what he says and who he funds. Maybe he is secretly a good person and not someone pushing for global governance.


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Freedom is worth fighting for! ^_^ 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

wow good news ....I believe Trump is going to make things better.

Mr Trump is only partly keeping the promises he made to the people who voted him to office. He promised to tear up the nuclear agreement but although he exited from the deal he did not tear it up. One also regrets that India is adamant in developing close relationship with a regime that is supporting and funding terrorism, creating internal strife in many Middle East countries resulting in thousands of deaths and millions of refugees. India has a huge adverse trade imbalance with Iran more than $ nine billions every year. Except for rice and some other commodities Iran is loathe to importing anything else from India. No Indian company has been awarded a major infrastructure project of $ one billion or more by Iran. The Farzad gas project is a joke and the Chahbahar project is only on paper. All the MOUs signed between Iran and India will never be executed and are meaningless. The Gulf Arab states where millions of Indians are working and thousands of Indian businesses are doing business should take note of India,s closing up to Iran and the USA should also take action as India's surplus with the USA is being used to fund India's deficit with Iran.

Personally I hope the European powers ignore American threats of sanctions against their companies, and continue to chart an independent European foreign and economic policies away from the United States.
The American empire is dying, hopefully collapsing soon under the weight of its own internal contradictions, and when that happens I hope the American populace takes back their government and military away from the ruling class that is robbing them, oppressing them, and sending their children to die meaningless deaths in the deserts of the middle East.

Be careful what you wish for. Power vacuums tend to be filled with more tyrannical governments. Do you really think a united European empire is going to be any better? The American empire should die, not from a collapse, from people just saying no to the government and bankers. Individual rights and freedoms with free markets.

I believe Trump is going to make things better.

I think i support Trump on this one

Trump is such an intelligent guy, he would probably forget about Iran in the next 2 to 3 days. He is preparing for his North Korea trip now. World could go on back to normal in 2 to 3 days. After 6 month he is anyway out of office getting impeached.

America's the biggest sponsor of terror?....really? What does terror mean to you? Does or did your government harass or jail you for deciding to run for president? Do you think you'd get away with half the antic's you've pulled here over in the ME? Do you think they'd let you openly promote legalization of drugs? Do you think they'd let women be in your campaign?....I could go on and on, though it's none of our business unless they are doing genocide (which is more likely over there) you should be more respectful to this countries guarantees of the freedoms you have before calling it the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world. Terrorism isn't just about war its also about how you treat your own people. When you put all comparisons together the US by far is not the largest sponsor of terror.

sunlit. Who, and what are you responding to with this "America's the biggest sponsor of terror?" questioning.

Adam and his video when he said America is the biggest sponsor of terrorism.

ah. Ok. So if not America, who is? I apologize. So many if adam's postings bring such chatter and non-sequitors i get lost in the sauce.

  ·  last year (edited)

To answer that question you have to ask yourself to compare what you think terror is, make a list. Then list several other countries and envision you live there and list what you think terror is to them. If I am correct you will find that there is a lot of different answers for each country. Is terror any less then if not done by bombs dropping out of the air? Is it any less terrifying to find yourself running through the jungles being genocide by machetes? Is it any less terror being genocide by outdated old munitions bought on the black market by some corrupt regime? Is it any less terror being forced to marry and have sex with someone just because they believe that way? Is it any less terror being raped just because you are a women in the wrong tribe? The main stream media just doesn't report every single day on the multitudes of terror many people live each and every day. Millions of people die every year by being terrorized by one form of terrorist or the other. I've been blogging for three, four years now, finding materials to post you read a lot of stuff, a lot of it, and it's heartbreaking, depressing even, mankind is so cruel to each other it would be really hard to say there's a king of it somewhere.

the higher the technology behind the terrorist acts, the more dangerous the administrator becomes... and the least likely the victims shall ever have hope of escaping (or hiding from). the Mark of the Beast we find described in Rev. 14: 9-11 will be the ultimate act of terror. Can't even conceive of that without a certain level of high-tech to find everyone, and keep track of the purveyors of goods. Even the "Hunger Games" movie explains this.

Fortunately, our Founders gave us the means to control this:

I support what the president @adamkokesh recommends, maybe the way you make it really helps your people all is very generous


Bored with the story? Seriously, Marine? Perhaps if Ken O'Keefe would join the LP and seek the nomination as an anarcho, it would become a bit more exciting for you, eh?

Stop trying to downplay this:
kokesh - end the fed and talmud influence.JPG