NEDO project got approved by the Japan's Governmet- Blockchain Based trading plafrom coming soon!!!

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There ,

You know that Japan Largest IT Giant ***NTT Data Ministry of Economy Announced - Block chain based trading platform will be developed soon!!

the Project has got approved by the Japan's government .

from cointelegraph

On Thursday We have the news from Cointelegraph that , NEDO - is working on a block chain based data sharing systems which will be used for the trade industry which will be used for streamline data sharing on trade sector!!

The Main of this Blockchain based trading systems is to digitize and enhance and the process of logistics data sharing between various trade entities, example -- Shipping companies , Operator, broking firm, port authority , Bank hospitals , schools college railway insurance companies; using the advantage of IOT.


from cointelegraph

This projects has been jointly operated by Japan's Largerst It firm NTT data and and Ministry of economy!!!

For more details please [visit here] (

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I think it will be a new revolution for the new generation.... Hope within few years it will become a part of every working sector.....

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You can do whatever you want. No-one can force you. Here we are developing ourselves @schoolhumor


Hello @schoolhumor
Choice is yours- what will do or what you will no it is totally depend you.....Nobody forced you to do so...


Thanks for your hate speech... keep it up... Good bless you!!!

Nice article


thanks for your appreciation.....
welcome to steemit!!!


Blockchain is fucture

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True.. block chain is another weapon of our modern society....

It's a revolutionary step taken by Japan government. It will definitely develop acceptance and authenticity of crypto currency in the world economy.


It will boost in crypto market.. also

Blockchain is in its initial stages......and it will revolutionize the world in the coming years..... Country after country everyone is adopting blockchain.....


Yes we should adopt these technology for our benefit ....

Hope indian will soon give positive news

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It is going to a revolution....

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