Colour challenge Citrus limon - পাতিলেবু Sunday Green

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I am going to participate color challenge programme,
During the day I just visited our Garden and saw lemon trees are greeny enough.

I can't resist my self to stop taking a few snapshot quickly.


Although the maximum lemons are plucked up and sent to the market for sale and already sold few daya ago...

But still have a few one- lucky to shot them with my phone camera

Here are few pics that you will definitely love it..


Here is another green juicy one....


Last but not the least



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It's a unique idea of posting about lemon.
Photos are well pixelated...


I was away from home due to some issue..

Will be added some more info..if time permitted me.

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There is no hurry...
Do it when you get some time.

I remember my childhood. I saw some of them in my childhood

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I have plant more than 4-5 ....

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