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RE: Jury Delivers Verdict in Paul Manafort Trial: Where’s the Collusion?

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These charges against Manafort are basically the definition of collusion

Here is a good video explaining Manafort's work with politicians in the Ukraine


I agree. He did a lot of diplomatic ‘spying’ and has a LOT of ties with foreign nationals. But he did all that years before working on the trump campaign.

Sure, but a crime is a crime, it does not matter when it occurred. That is how investigations work, you investigate, you find evidence, you prosecute. Even if this does not have anything to do with Russian election meddling or Trump working with Russians, it is still a crime. Even if they do not find any evidence of Trump breaking any laws, I expect everyone who worked with him on his campaign, if they broke any laws to pay for those crimes. These type of investigations should be done on all politicians, the corruption in the US government needs to stop. Not only that I think we should have laws that prevent anyone from donating/funding politicians and all elections should be publicly funded with a fixed amount of money for each politician.

I absolutely agree with you. Punish this guy to the full extent of the law. I was just attempting to break this narrative where people read THAT headline and think "Yeah, Trump stole this election!".

Punish all crime. Justice should be fair.

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