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RE: On Antisemitism, Critical Thinking, And Conspiracy Theories

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condemning the slaughter of unarmed Palestinians by sniper fire

You deserve the Islamic invasion, because for your braze to soldiers whom try to stop a violent rabid mass, which is what army and weapons are for.
I hope you and your likes will someday be in a place, where a violent rabid mass tries to kill you, and your army and police will defend you more humanely.


Your sick and twisted hope hopefully won't come to visit you.

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What are you suffering from that hinders both your comprehension and comprehensibility?
You need my comments explained and I need your comments explained.

I only wish that those words are all you have when you say "You deserve ..." and "I hope ..." and you're not actually harboring such a hate and hope for inside you and that you consider what you wish for others and how harsh you judge them because by the golden rule that's what you wish for yourself from others and how harsh you are of yourself and expect others to be of you.

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Your "golden rule" is a part of what I judge these people by.
No wrong in harboring hate.
Such people are responsible for a genocide against their own race.

If there's no wrong in harboring such a hate then what is right about it?

Instead of speaking directly about grave accusations of simply incredulous crimes you say "such people", who are you actually talking about, Caitlin is herself guilty of genocide?

You seem to have no end to accusation and insinuations.

As you judge others so do you expect others to judge you or at the very least dependent on what your integrity and lack of hypocrisy say about that based on how you respond to such a harsh and misplaced judgment of you, judgement which consequently you've no wish to consider or least reflect on as I wouldn't expect anyone I consider their Snark and Vitriol as anything but Snark and Vitriol or expect them to consider the same from me because those things I've no wish to receive and they remain as hate and detest inside with whoever will try to give them to me, returning them from where they came exactly like I would an unwanted or undeserved gift.

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By such people I referred to people whom hate Israel for the wrong reasons and to "leftists".
People whom expect an armed army to not use weapons when under threat are responsible for why these so called protests are so violent, because they are provocations to draw "leftists" and "human rights activists" and their likes to call Israel or its army a war criminal.
Are the soldiers supposed to slug it with the "protesters" one on hundreds?
What do these "alternative media" aficionados expect?

The point is that she's not to blame for anything, she isn't the reason why protests are violent. You revert to asking me another loaded question at the end.

Also, she never said she hates Israel.

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She is guilty for blaming Israel for doing what a state should do, and if you ask me, being too soft due to "journalists" like her.
"journalists" and "activists" like her are the reason to why the violent terrorists do what they do as a provocation.
They know that they will not occupy Israel's territories outside of Gaza anytime soon, but they try because they know that injuries and casualties on their side will be used for propaganda to showcase "Israeli war crimes".
Imagine if masses of rabid, incited and ultra violent Irish people beyond the border will approach it with molotov bottles, arson kites, knives, steel sticks and bricks to throw.
What should the British army/police do?
You probably still can not fathom it, because Irish people are not Palestinians, and are very different.
Asking you this question feels almost like a complete joke to me, because I am aware of how different Palestinians are from Irish, and this is another reason to why I wish the Swedish treatment on everyone criticizing Israel for these wrong reasons.
Israel is about as bad as any other country.
There have been real genocides in Africa less than 20 years ago, there was an Armenian Holocaust in WW1.
There were also war crimes against Serbian populations in the 1990s.
There is a genocide now against the whites in Europe and South Africa.
How much do you see people like Caithlin write about these things?

Also, she never said she hates Israel.

Did you ever hear her say anything?

Her evil agenda is evident in most of her posts.

You are so clueless.
This organization is funded either by the Saudis or by George Soros.
Soros is cancer in Israel in the same way that he is cancer in Europe.

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