Extract taken from UK Government Website on the EU Referendum..!!

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This is an extract taken from UK Government Website on the EU Referendum..!!


A once in a generation decision


"This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide."..!!

Todays Court Ruling says that this is apparently NOT THE CASE and must be debated by MPs in Parliament.

DEMOCRACY ended today..!!

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It was your decision ONLY if you decided the "right" thing.

Pretty easy to see why "they" need a major war ain't it ?

Folks talk about how many countries the US are bombing and it is disgusting for sure, but if the US is bombing anywhere the UK is right there with us.

We need war alright, war against the NWO machine...


"Blockchain to the rescue!"..... I could not have put it any better myself. Cheers. Stephen

This is very wrong for so many reasons.
Stand up all you plucky Englishmen, and take back your own lives!
Protest against this tyranny by not going to Europe on holiday.
Come to New Zealand and we'll sit you down with a nice cold beer and plot revenge against those who would take away your hedgehog flavored crisps.


"This is very wrong for so many reasons." Todays ruling is a total disgrace and simply puts two fingers up to the Referendum. The UK Government's own leaflets had this wording on it. It was clear to the Voters that the Government would implement the Referendum result. Not so as it is being suggested..!! Cheers. Stephen


Yup. I totally agree with you. Even the Prime Minister, you know the one in charge, said Brexit means Brexit.

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