1 on 1 - @TheDailySneak w/ @steemcafe Part 1

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Hi Everyone, @steemcafe This episode we have a repeat guest. Love this guy. It is Joseph @TheDailySneak. He has given so much of his time an energy to helping the Steem community. This man has a brain on him. He will be speaking at the Steem Creators Conference North & SMT Summit in Toronto.

I said it before I can talk with Joseph for hours. Congratulations on the birth of Raven. Enjoy. I sure did.

Thank you everyone for your support. You all helped make this possible.
Thank you.

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Steem Creators Conference: SMT Summit Sept 5-8, 2018 Toronto, Canada. It will be amazing. Tickets only $149.00
Do you have a new app, product, or service for Steem? Would you like to speak at the conference. Hit us up. ij@steemcreators.com

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Well, we got one at least.



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Great episode with @steemcafe and @josephsavage! Joseph, your face lit up when you talked about your sweet girl. Congratulations proud daddy!
I am super excited how SBI is still growing strong and I appreciate all of your hard work. It is a shame that you have to find a new developer. I know you are excited to get things automated and I want it to happen to lighten your work load, Joseph. I am glad that you talked about why Steem prices are so low right now and happy to hear that it is beginning to stabilize. You talked about having at least a small percentage of steem in your portfolio and I agree. Not much to loose but everything to gain. Steemit or others have to get that message out. As @steemcafe mentioned, all Steem needs is for some of those big and well known investing companies to buy...can you imagine what would happen them? I have high hopes for Steem and Steem Basic Income and just like you, I am in it for the long haul. : )


Thanks, @whatisnew! My girl is a little angel. Best thing that has happened to me (after marrying her mother) by far.
In the time since this was recorded, we have started receiving help from @holger80. He is an amazing developer and deserves everybody's witness vote! We have been making great progress, which makes me optimistic that we can throw the switch before Steem Creators in September.
I put my daughters 'college fund' in 2 steem accounts. (Okay, they're 25 SP each). I like to say that they will either pay for Harvard... or nothing. Steem has incredible optionality; there is so much potential, it's just a question of whether the developers are successful in executing on the vision.


Aw, your little angel! So sweet!
I am so happy to hear that you are receiveing help from @holger80 and I will be sure to give him my vote for witness. Oh, I do hope you can get it going before Steem Creators. That is great news! I also believe in Steem's potential. I always say when the prices rise...not if. Thanks again Joseph, for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. Give my best to your wife and hugs to Raven. : )

I'm a moderator on the SBI Discord and I've seen the specs for the upvoting system. I wish I was a good enough developer to work on it. It looks like a serious upgrade to the autovoting state of the art and also a lot of fun to figure out. If you're a dev I suggest coming over and checking it out.


Thanks for chiming in. This was recorded before @holger80 starting helping us out, and we have made a lot of progress already.

I'm so glad you have the joy of having a special and important new person!

It's always a pleasure to participate in these!

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Always good talking with you man. Toronto will be fantastic. See you soon bro.

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