1 on 1 - @Fyrstikken w/ @steemcafe Part 1-3

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Hi Everyone, @steemcafe This episode we have a great guest @fyrstikken. He has over 15,000 followers & a reputation of 74. He is an early adopter of Steem. He is an investor, entrepreneur, a content creator, & a content facilitator. He also the founder of steemdream.com

He shares with us great insight & an immense passion for Steem. You don't want to miss this episode.

Thank you everyone for your support. You all helped make this possible. Have a wonderful & productive week.

Thank you.

@ogc #mypic @joepate47 @larrymorrison @scottshots shout out!

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@steemcafe WOW! @fyrstikken is one of the originals! WAY TO GO! I really enjoy learning about different steemians from your interviews I.J. You put out some of the best content for sure.

My Man. @the-puppet-patch Always good to hear from you. Hope the family is doing well. That is one of the nicest comments I have ever received. Try to delivery content people might find useful in their Steem careers & find it entertaining. Talk to you soon man.

Very interesting interview @steemcafe and @fyrstikken! Probably the earliest steem adaptor I "know" now on the blockchain. Looking forward to part two. And thanks for the shout out @steemcafe haha!

Hi @scottshots Thank you for watching and commenting. hahahah always

Awesome interview IJ - I'll be keeping my eye out for the next installments. I really like this message. Fyrstikken makes a lot of sense, describing an environment that is inviting and welcoming and that educates and helps new users become a part of STEEM. I'm super excited to be a part of this platform. I think there are great things to come. Great job!

hi man @toddmck @fyrtsikken knows Steem extremely well. A lot he has to share makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much. I'll hit you up on discord.

Great to see you guys linked up! 💯

Hey @stackin Hope all is well. Thanks for hanging out and commenting. Take care.

everything you publish is wonderful! it gives us the opportunity to have special guests as the investor, entrepreneur, a creator of steemit! it is a pleasant and unquestionable surprise!

Thank you very much.

A great guest, not to mention the best you've ever had.
All an example to follow this man

thank you very much @merryslamb have a wonderful day

Thanks for information... He is inspiring..!!!

Hi @taksheel. I agree with you. He is inspiring. Have a beautiful week.

This is amazing, the best of the best! I hope someday to have the knowledge that you have, great work congratulated you a greeting from Venezuela. @steemcafe /// @fyrstikken

hi hi @biddude Thank you. Try our best to do a great job every time. Have a fantastic week.

Of course, working every day to be the best, thank you friend, Have a great week. @steemcafe

@13.10 (paraphrasing) "Communities will allow for different religions to have their own SMT community".. Well religions are evils, no matter which one... I don't have anything against SMTs, people are free to associate in any kind of community, as long as they don't enforces others to be part of it by force.

I know @fyrstikken from many chats on SteemSpeak, I think he is a very rich man and probably a very good business man, he does have flaws morally and philosophically, even though he might be more informed then ever after the extensive information exchange on the Steem blockchain, that we (The Steemians) have all done in the last 2,5 years. (For instance I was not a flat earth when I came to Steemit, now I am, just an example)

Steem on!


BTW, I might be interested in being in your show in the future, telling my story with Steem and Steemit, if you are interested then please send an email to "[email protected]".

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This was a very direct, honest, informative one on one nice job both of you!

@steemcafe your stuff is always very impressive

marvelous meeting . I'll be looking out for the following portions. I extremely like this message. Fyrstikken bodes well, depicting a domain that is welcoming and inviting and that instructs.
can i get an upvote?

Very interesting interview

Good to work with individual who is updated with Steemit

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