You Should Get Paid for Your Data! [Blockchain is Changing The Status Quo]

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Valuing the Future of Your Data

In today’s video, we highlight one of the biggest problems of the digital age from Eduardo Porter’s article in the New York Times, “Your Data Is Crucial to a Robotic Age. Shouldn’t You Be Paid for It?”. We’re seeing huge market problems of monetizing our individual data within conglomerates like Google and Facebook as we provide content, data, and attention for no pay. Interestingly, the article mentions nothing of decentralized blockchain technologies. For Sndbox, this is one of the biggest signs that we’re in for a great cultural shift when it comes to digital content and media. With the problems of the web and in particular social media identified over the last decade-plus of their existence, we can now begin to innovate on models of work and equity distribution for their users.

So in join in on the conversation! What do you think the future of data will look like? How will systems like blockchain and token economies change the way we value our work? Let us know in the comments below.


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I agree with Eduardo porter on this, people post loads of content on the above mentioned sites and not get paid rather they loose their data while doing so, but I think steemit has been on the right track from day one which is post quality, creative and original content and earn. So using your data to post on steemit is great because you are surely going to be paid for doing so. Great and educative topic you raised at sndbox, I call this an eye opener.

You asked for more so here you go: the Jan 11th, 2018 issue of The Economist dedicates an article in the Finance and economics section to a recent paper by a bunch of researchers from Stanford, Columbia and Microsoft called "Should we treat Data as Labor? Moving beyond 'Free'".

A number of interesting insights in it, the first being, in my opinion, the following: "creating or strengthening absent markets, we can simultaneously address the inequality, stagnation and sociopolitical conflict afflicting developed countries."

Another important point "Thinkers promoting the idea of a “universal basic income (UBI)” have even suggested dignity based on work is becoming outdated and that as AI replaces humans leisure may be a growing source of identity" - identity based on leisure rather than work ! That can send a chill won the spine ... However, "for the medium term treating online experiences as purely consumption holds risks for the social and political fabric of developed countries." - and that is what we are experiencing in a number of developed countries.

Therefore the authors proposal, "Data as Labor (DaL) views data work as a new source of “digital dignity”." When you are reading and posting on Steemit you are doing work - producing and curating content for other people that follow you to read and find useful content easier, respectively. You participate in the evolution of knowledge.

In this respect the GDPR regulation of the EU is a trailblazer legal framework.

Yet this paper again, although it has AI and ML in focus, doesn't seem to make the connection with blockchain. Which is possibly to be related to a widely lamented fact: the relatively low number of economists taking interest in blockchain (as opposed to large numbers of lawyers for instance)

I completely agree with Eduardo Porter’s article,we should get paid for all our contents.When facebook came we were very happy that we dont need to pay for using facebook.Now we are thinking totally differently and steemit is making us thinking like that.Thank's to the block chain technology.We share all our content without getting anything in fb now we are getting paid for all our content.Thank's for the post.


When facebook came along it was great! A totally new way to connect with others and explore communities. Over time though, they've become too layered with ads, top heavy with isolating algorithms and essentially miners of our social data. Facebook is really like a huge mining rig...

Thanks for your comment @rupok :)


In the month of February, Mark Zuckerberg (COB and CEO) of Facebook sold over 4 millions of Facebook shares.

Personal data was the discussion in our house a few days ago, after my husband wrote an article about PDATA- the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for the secure trading of personal data.

I visualize a future when content could be easily monetized in an easy, natural and immediate way, based on the blockchain.

Several coins, a lot of them. For writing, curating, recommending, painting, dancing, singing, teaching... Just one wallet where the creator could concentrate them all and play with them.

Also, this creator could use his coins to support other creators and make more money doing it. To be part of a global community where different creative people of several fields could socialize, make teams, develop projects, create awesome things.

All in there, without third parties involved. Just people, monetizing, supporting each other.


Just hope. Let's just hope.

I absolutely agree that companies should be paying for my data. It's a record of my habits, actions, behaviour and associations and in my opinion it belongs to me. Companies that use it for marketing purposes are effectively stealing my data.

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This is a great video. I have a lot of questions in my mind. But I want to start first. When are new member purchases? I know in May. But what are the conditions, how will you get it? I personally want to work with you. But I do not know what to do.

Now i think no one is going to share anything for free who knows about blockchain technology.Till now we shared our valuable content for free on different kinds of social media platform.We were happy that a lots of people are watching my content and i am posting it for free.Now the situation will be change.Thank's for the discussion.


No more should we allow these social media platforms to make big money from our hard labor for FREE.


If voluntarily we supply others with content, then by all means they can have it for free - we're giving voluntarily. But as it had been there was no means to not give it and still produce content. People being socially creative by nature, we couldn't not produce content unless we were too busy to be on social media or on principle chose not to be. So it was effectively a parasitic business model like bridge tolls collected by private companies on the public infrastructure. The social media corporations claimed that because they provided a utility (i.e. the platform) they had a right to the value of the activity produced via the utility. They elided the fact that the users are the principals in the production of value and thus have rights to the lions share of it.

That's right! This is why I think data will be one of the most expensive and valuable asset any person can have. Other people are using our daily just like in every facebook post we do so why not earn from it right?

I agree should get paid on blockchain for content.

I believe steemit will soon blow one day. In hopes of giving creators new freedom and a better future!

I'm definitely all in for getting payed for individual data ! :) Anyone else?

I don't think there a way out of this. Definitely, this will change a lot of things. When the likes of Facebook, YouTube et all was discovered, it is only the visionaries that know what the story will be like in the future. I am one of the visionaries that believe in the blockchain technology.

I know steemit and the like will face the challenges of being buy over like twitter. But there is one thing they cannot change. Blockchain technology has come yo stay whether they like it or not

Hope giant will not end up been like yahoo

Las criptomonedas son el futuro.

This is brain stimulating. What does google do other than comb the web for resources having a searched term or word. This wealth of information in the returned sources are owned by people that do not get paid for its usage. Yet google charge you to advertise.

So would facebook, and instagram. They forget that without our contents they would be less popular.

I think data is new gold now. New "Gold Rush"

Our content also is feeding the coming AI revolution. What we post AI is learning and adapting to our collective thoughts and moods, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but in the meantime, we should get a cut of the revenue streams. Without our content, there wouldn't be any social media to speak of...

There are a lot of projects offering to pay you for your data. Even today another project was added, I've mentioned it here:

But I don't want to be paid for my data. I want my data to be protected. I don't want google or any blockchain startup to have my data. I don't want my search history to be used against me by advertisment and marketing. Is there a blockchain for this?

I came across this post quite by accident but I am very glad I did. I have felt for a while now that what I contribute on Social media per se as my opinions could have some kind of value and I have never been able to tie-down that understanding. What you guys have been talking about has pulled many of my 'loose threads' together somewhat, and I think I will be trying to use Steemit more so than the conventional social media outlets.

I think you are right about timing. The 'Creators' and 'very early adopters' of Blockchain/crypto/DApp/tokens and coins have 'switched on' to this new world/economy and doing the trailblazing/path finding activities. I consider myself as a curious/interested party that wants to learn and get involved.

I think 2018 is the year to get the curious/risk takers involved so that enough momentum and media exposure is created so that in 2019 when a lot of the blockchain new and good ideas have had a year to 'bed in' then we will see the movement of the masses from the old world into the brave new world that is being opened up through the Blockchain.

Great article guys, you have fuelled my curiosity more!

Getting paid for your content is a whole new paradigm. As more people get fed up with centralized social media, hopefully they will move to Steem

Yes please! An you know what? This time, the revolution will be televised.

@sndbox I shared this video with my Data Analyst team today. It’s important to keep in mind in the corporate data world too! Monetize when you mine data (collect, cleanse, store, maintain)! If you provide data services, what is the data struggle of your customer? How can you meet that need? I’ve watched this video several times now and I think each time has given me a new idea or use case!

I love this post. Our spending on data should be recycled to us

The invent of data and internet gave rise to freelance work and blogging. Since I joined steemit, I spend very little time on socia media that do not pay me for my time. I see popular social media taking a cue from steemit and pay users in the future .

thanks for the tip!

Excellent, get paid for our data

Zuckerberg has been laughing all the way to the bank and now probably losing sleep over steemit. People create the content and he does all the collecting. Maybe it's true what they say, all things do have a shelf life.

Now i think no one is going to share anything for free

This is soo great not only due to the potential of the technology, but the capability of lessening poverty! I think it to be important that a mindset be delivered for a community to rise with the tide, rather than some form of greed settling in and creating a divide. Do you know what I mean? Another layer or dimension of dialogue might be in order to educate this point across.

nice content, awesome work

Nice Post! 👌👌👌

I just joined steemit, I see your post is very interesting and also an inspiration for me in writing, I just posted for the first time. please see and check

We using your data to post on steemit is great because you are surely going to be paid for doing so. Great and didactic topic you raised at sndbox, I call this an eye opener. very very nice post.

Like me ?

(Good video)

Really great video guys, so interesting to consider the BAT model and I completely agree that the fact that this NYT article was written independently of any specific use platform is indeed a significant indicator of change. Maybe that tipping point has or is happening right now where our awareness as a society of the value of content, for our attention as a commodity is truly changing. Pretty exciting.

Could you post a video related to the future of blockchain? I think you can use your thought like time machine.

Ok valuing data... then tell me this: why Steemit pay our data only for 7 days? Also why the voting power can be corrupted by money? This site is corruption basic flags. If in the real world things would be like this.. that your election vote would be worthy more because you have 10 millions in the bank... would be a terrible world to live. Blockchain should improve things... is a much better model... content is paid forever... the vote power doesn't exist, anyone voting is 25 CENTS.

Video keeps cutting out for me after only a minute and a half in :-(

informative if you agree please upvote

So perfact video @sndbox

Sorry for your post I have reblog. Happy working.

Great video, thanks for sharing, keep up the good work ;-)

Actually this sounds like an important step towards funding a valuable alternative to basic income.

Arbitrarily given basic income could look more like the bad side of welfare, where people receive money for nothing and do nothing with it.

I'm not saying that being payed for your online data could give you a living wage (in America and the developed world) but it could be a significant benefit for some.

I like this platform. It's just normal to get paid for spending your time for creating and commenting posts. It's future i guess.

I foresee this cyrptos, will be of great importance surpassing our monetary currency we are using in every country.

In the near future, more and more establishments and institutions will accept crypto currencies in any transactions.

very niec video sir,,.....

Hi there im new here on steemit and everyday as i read every trending blogs here im learning a lot and getting some tips on how to improve my work here
Thanks for sharing and i keep on following your blogs sir


Subscribe to me lads. I'm a Computer Engineering student who makes programming videos

Me parece muy interesante, aunque soy nuevo en el mundo de las criptomonedas. Pero por lo que veo esto esta revolucionando el internet. Steemit esta teniendo mayor influencia. Este mundo es muy loco.


really well don

I’ve written a hip hop track to dispel the bubble myth, teach newbies about the revolutionary tech blockchain and IOT hold and to give us insiders a few belly laughs. The markets have been rough lately, but the longview is overwhelmingly positive. Please check it out... you won’t be dissapointed!!!
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Yes we should because social media is ultimately killing the contents of the creators...

I agree with @sndbox opinion and would go even further. One main consequence of decentralization is indeed, that customers and citizens are more empowered due to their condensation trail they are leaving when using digital or online services.
Valuing this data (owned by customers) consciously would mean, that data (personal usage and user data) is being equally assessed together with real assets.
With current financial markets still dominating the matching of financing demands and funds - at least for B2B - in FIAT currencies and considering established valuation methods, new incumbents can fill a gap: unleashing new business models, where customers can pay with their Data Wallet.
I am currently exploring some ideas in urban environment, where citizens might not be directly rewarded for monetizing their data, but serviced with higher quality infrastructure assets instead.

This was a very good overall discussion on the topic! Perfect for the non-newbie non-expert. Thanks for all the subtopics you touched on.

Great video! Just wanted to ask, mainly because I'm still reading about blockchain, steemit and DTube, but do you guys think that even with the evenly distributed wealth in relation to traffic generated by content, how can this system evaluate quality content vs. popular content? Does my question make any sense lol?
Either way I'm a hundred percent on board with this but I'm wondering if this could ever be a major concern if DTube ever gets as big as youtube

That's actually nothing new that Facebook and Google grow on peoples effort. We put the work and they are getting stronger by that. But value that they provide for us is to keep people together, so the question is- is it enough? In some cases yes, but still when you get something on the professional level like for example photography/filmmaking, and you put money into equipment (you can use as example anything even cooking) it gets quite not fair. I guess they should realize that their services are built on people, so they should find a way to give something back to people, not only fun. Why? Because you simply can't live up from fun. Yes, people has daily jobs, but how about people that work is based on social media? Should they work for free? I don't think so.

But will it change for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? I don't think so too. They are too blinded by making money from ads, they are too sure about people staying with them forever and they don't realize that one day all users would pick any other platform. Myspace is dead already, users went to Facebook, so I guess when nothing changes people will just go somewhere else. Somewhere where their work is appreciated like Steemit, like Dtube. I guess it's just matter of time.

Really great video guys, so interesting to consider the BAT model and I completely agree that the fact that this NYT article was written independently of any specific use platform is indeed a significant indicator of change! Maybe that tipping point has or is happening right now where our value as a society of content, of our attention is truly changing. Pretty exciting!

I'm trying to understand this block chain. Thank you this was very helpful.

blockchain is the way forward, companies better start converting over to it or be left behind

I totally agree. Data is very valuable and we should be paid for it.