My New Favorite Bitcoin Rap - Chris Record's HODL GANG Remix

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I found this song last week, and it is probably the best crypto related song / remix I have stumbled upon yet.

Check it out:

I don’t really ever buy stocks man NO Haters wanna say I’m in a bubble man BLOW ch-chew em up like bubble gum DOPE Just made a mil wit my pocket change YO Record ’bout to go and join the Hodl Gang HODL GANG, HODL GANG, HODL GANG "

Well known internet marketer Chris Record transformed the song Gucci Gang into an even better song, HODL GANG. 

I originally learned about Chris Record from an internet marketing webinar in 2016 covering print on demand businesses. Record is the founder of  TecAdemics and has become known as "the guy in the orange baseball cap". That very webinar inspired me to test out the print on demand business model which eventually led to the creation of @bitcoinshirtz, my successful crypto clothing website.  

My only complaint about the song is that he mentions Ripple (XRP). I am very outspoken against ripple as it is a corporation with centralized ledger (not a blockchain). XRP can be frozen by the company, much like a government can freeze your fiat accounts. Additionally Ripple Labs created 100 billion XRP tokens and kept a large percentage for themselves (some say over 60%). Only 38 billion are tradable and reflected on coinmarketcap, which means their price and market cap are much lower than anyone realizes. In my professional opinion, all 100 billion XRP are not worth 1 satoshi.  😂

Ripple rant over. 

I hope you enjoy the song!


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"What coin did you buy? I forgot yoo", well he's spilling out some truth haha! But yeah, he shouldn't of had mentioned Ripple :D

Therefore, XRP shouldn't be an option with such dicey situation such as liable to been frozen by a company, not even to talk of Ripple Labs keeping a very high percentage, even up to 60%.....believe me it isn't worth it.

A friend shared this in a Facebook group and I couldn't stop laughing.

hahaha, no it should be add more fuel........that really funny, it almost broke my ribs

Well maybe I agree with you on ripple buddy however I'm not taking my mind of that beautiful song there buddy it's just so sweetly awesome,

Hope you're back from Japan?

I know right! I have actually been back from Japan for quite a while. I just have so much content, I'm still sharing it. 👍

Well keep sharing then, you have amazing contents

I think its so funny how many raps I've seen that are based on Crypto. Never did I think someone would remix Gucci Gang with crypto lol.

wuaooo rap para bitcoin? que bien, mis dos cosas favorita!

I think it's a bit noob because pro's trade and don't HODL crypto.

cryptocurrency rap music

haha it rocked wonderful listening it on loop :D

hhaha tough competition to gucci gang :)

this just smashed the charts all over wow

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