Do you know, why the post mortem's Bangla name is autopsy?

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Do you know, why the post mortem's Bangla name is autopsy?1519277442.gif
Exclusive Desk: After the post mortem investigation, the smell of the nose comes in our head, the image of the heavy environment comes to our head. Do you know, why the post mortem's Bangla name is autopsy?
The living room of the body is usually very quiet. In that room, the table (everything kept in the domes here), and several chairs, some tools and fan over the head, except the trolley bed - there is a trick in the body. Look like the refrigerator where the body is stored.
One of the important things to postmortem is that there should be adequate light air conditioning. Well, have you ever thought that post mortem is the name of the autopsy of Bangla name? We all know that the post mortem reveals an unknown reason. From the dark one brings the cause of the incident to light.
Where is the post mortem with the post mortem? The subject may not be too much of a concern to many, nor does anyone get scared about it, but it should be the obsession of uncovering the mystery. They are very related to shalik. Extinctly known as leopard talking birds. Seeing the birds of the dead is black and its lips yellow.
Most of the sounds are complex nature, so they can imitate different words or words easily. These birds can call around three to thirteen times. In the dark the birds of the dead are not seen in the naked eye.
Darkness of the dark can hide its blackness. Only experienced people can understand that by hearing his call, that it is a postgraduate bird. As the post mortem can be discovered in the dark as the postmodern can be discovered only in the dark, the reasons behind the postmortem are discovered with a little formula.
The discovery of a little formula is solved from big to big mysteries. The real culprits are found. Available causes of death So the post mortem has been Bangla - the post mortem investigation.


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