i think they will miss BIGLY on their sales projections and the stocks are in for a big correction. no canadians are going to pay $10+ per gram for shitty poison scwhag, which is what they've been putting out, when they can easily grow their own high quality SAFE cannabis with no pesticides/fungicides.

How about the market for CBD oils? How big of a market is there for that?

Canada is one of the only 1st world countries you need a medical card to get CBD. theres a million places to order online with worldwide shipping. you can order 99% pure CBD isolate online for dirt cheap. i don't think there'll be a huge market for overpriced irradiated CBD oils from these shitty licensed producers. i also think the medical benefits of CBD (and cannabis) is greatly over-exaggerated, like curing opiate addiction or being a viable substitute for opiates to treat pain etc. CBD won't hurt anyone but if you're not epileptic or severely arthritic i don't think most people will benefit significantly from CBD.

I still think CBD has various use cases, such as treating insomnia, healing muscles after workouts, anxiety etc. Do you know where I can grab pure "organic" CBD online for the best price? I hear purekana is good, but I'm not too well versed on CBD.

this place has $30/G 99.8% pure CBD isolate, Co2 extracted from non-gmo pesticide free hemp, US domestic

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