Syria: The U.S. Acting As Judge, Jury, and Executioner Ahead of OPWC Investigation in Douma

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In my latest interview with Radio Sputnik on April 10th, I discussed how the United States is not waiting for verification from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) before placing blame on the Syrian army and the Syrian government for yet another staged production by the AlQaeda White Helmets, this time in Douma.  I also explained how motive and benefit clearly lie with the terrorist factions and not with the Syrian government.  The transcript to the interview can be read on Sputnik News

Per Southfront, “on April 10, the UN Security Council failed to approve three draft resolutions on chemical weapons attacks. Russia vetoed a US text, while two Russian-drafted resolutions did not get nine votes to pass. However, the OPCW will send two expert teams to Syria to probe the alleged attack later this week. Despite this, US President Donald Trump once again threatened to strike Syria on April 11.”  

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@sarahabed what do you think about compiling a list of the most dependable English-speaking news-sources from the middle east and Russia? I have a few in mind, as well as a growing list of credible independents, such as: Tom Duggan, Syriana Analysis, Eva Bartlett and Tom's friend - who is now active on Steemit - Deliberator.

BTW, Tom apparently needs help getting equipment to him. I'll link that in case you haven't seen it. Apologies if you already know. You appear to be pretty plugged in - so maybe some of your readers can help - and I have limited time atm to go check.


In addition to the sources that you noted, Almasdar, Southfront, and Mint Press are constantly providing articles on the war in Syria.


Awesome, @sarahabed... I hit the Southfront vids daily...will add the others. Thanks!

I think this is a distraction - used by trump and putin - for bigger things..
'deep statey' eradication, things...

either that, and it' great - or it is exactly as it appears, and we are all potentially screwed.

Great Article Sara, I recently wrote about Syria chemical attack, I'd love to hear some of your opinions about my article :)
Syria Chemical Attack a Brutal Mistake By Jorge Dezcallar

The war-mongering neocons pushed President Trump into a reckless attack against Syria the last time. Trump was not even done hanging up the pictures in his office. I think he will wait until a full investigation into this latest alleged attack is completed. But, this probably won't happen, like last time.

I also don't find any motive to use chemical weapons against their own citizens. Hope truth will reveal and the world will see how Sirya becomes free from all aggression. May Allah save all of them.