BREAKING NEWS : Millions of Google Accounts Compromised by Gooligan Malware Attack

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BREAKING NEWS : Millions of Google Accounts Compromised by Gooligan Malware Attack

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Gooligan Malware Attack is compromising Google accounts on android devices including Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Photos and some other services of Google. This malware is now attacking near 13K Google accounts on android devices per day.

Google is aware & release an update recently :

“Gooligan has breached over a million Google accounts. We believe that it is the largest Google account breach to date,”

Researchers of an IT security firm CheckPoint, have discovered this malware campaign that has been targeting Android users. This malware has already breached more than 1 million Google accounts of users around the world.

IT Security firm Checkpoint stated that :

“These exploits still plague many devices today because security patches that fix them may not be available for some versions of Android, or the patches were never installed by the user. If rooting is successful, the attacker has full control of the device and can execute privileged commands remotely.”

How does Gooligan attack ? At first hackers uploaded several Gooligan infected apps on third party stores. When you install one of them then Gooligan collects data about your android device and downloads its rootkit. Then Gooligan roots your android device and downloads its own module. On the next step it steals authentication tokens which are used to hack Google accounts. Gooligan also installs adware on your android device , so, they can earn some revenues from your online activities. And also it rates itself on Google Play Store to increase its rating.

A list of Gooligan malware-infected apps (You must avoid these apps to download) -

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Be aware of apps listed above, especially when you have your funds or crypto tokens on mobile applications. Thanks for sharing!

thanks :)
yes, if you have bitcoin wallet installed on your android device then you will be much beware .....

don't download an app from an untrusted source.

yeah ...... it's the best tip to be get protected :)

Well, I don't have an Android phone, so what do I know?

ha ha ...... you're totally in safe heaven :D

I stick with mainly basic apps and only ones I trust.

it's also a very good sign that your protection level is high :)

Thanks for this, but is there something we can do to check if our phones are infected?

I think we may see some abnormal activities after infection

So happy I have DTek50 smart phone. Has special chips no other phone in the world has to prevent his stuff.

That is scary though.

Thanks for letting me know. ^^

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refer the source please at least and more info there!



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