Day North Hospital

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North Hospital
Ring from a dead person got off the phone to ask for help to pay off in attitude
would help
Just negotiate
Reply handed
Mortuary when
Frosty room pretends series of many people
If I have a
On stone beds
empty chest
Cold and there is no moment to deal with the dead man's hand
The closure was neat strip

But if a sense
I had to head
In fact, a fair chance in the basket
Will die
Permitting empty sheets must leave all other equipment testing
When greed, anger, ignorance
Pride with suspicion
In fact,
Going to part company with
Forced to leave everything
Basically they become gray and blue

Easing pride
They try to hide any doubts
Is over
The real face of death

The process of life ...
I give all my love ...
To separate.

My dear ...
Prove there is always beside sure ..

The cemetery, most of the smoke coming out of the chimney was completed ... I outlined my life ...
I love his ...
I chipped my children, my parents, my brother or sister, wife Swe Myo
And the journey
How are his servants what are ...

They pick up ..
.. Commonwealth ..
They allege they speak ..
Discard condemnation .. ..
They were separated ...
The variety with dark ...
Anger ignorance.
With pride.
I love to love
Care ..
Are forgotten ...

I have forgotten his servant
They want to prove life characters ...
If tomorrow early
They do not know ..
This has tightened her hug ..
Words of love
Is not going to make any ...
In the next month if
He now wants India will ည့် outfits ...

He was long thought less forget forget ...

The tailings ...
What I Play
I have not sent
I got a great future
When she
If this
Great future

I am
What can die at any time ..
I am
What I can say ..
I am
Any form ..
God was preached ...

It's tomorrow ....
I love it
In tomorrow ..
Tomorrow ..
When I wonder ...
Or daughter
This promise to
father and mother
I do everything in order to meet the
Before my wife and abrasions
Gender in order to lend a helping hand
I forgive everything
To understand ..
his servant
Ready to do

Try out ..
Pride dignity ..
Ostentation ..
So, just to say I love you
Want to sing in the rain
I try to say
I want one
As well as the road
I try to throw away
I want to become happy dance
I try to throw away
Still, I throw it away ..
He was not allowed ...

.. ..
Then ...
I found the whole ..
Even if you want to see the dream
I do ...
That's why ..
While living in ...
Say I love
Do not load ...
The desire to meet the
Do not forget ...

What I want
I once asked ..
You may need ..
Pe Pe .. what to do ..
Please remember alongside ..
Love songs
How long ...
I love you ..
Pe ..
I am grateful ..
Love Tender
You try ...
The words' Pe Pe
.. I say I love you.
Please forgive mother, father, son
I sat ...
Leaves and love
I try to flee
That pride is a ..
When he died
Useless ...


I did not know before.
Almost lost liver intestine
I do not feel
Physical and spiritual.
I'll lose at the same time
I toy with nouns ..
Once broken ....
About his life
I must stay
Hell bright note
Consider overnight near
I want to die will die
They dropped
in cycles
I can meet ...
I had heart
Training Australia
I need ...
Still ..
He left again ..
Training needs to resume ...
His servant
Sure, they would ...

This ..
Before his death ..
Love love to me ..
Recreation free
Residents found out ..
In order to separate
Prepared ..
I write this and feels ...
(Dr sndh combines the experience of experiencing some references in the text itself was written)
crd [email protected]
The son

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