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It is not easy at the moment to get enough time to make a post a day as I am busy outside of Steem. I want to continue to speak about the fall of France to show you how the so-called progressist has made a world of chaos.

It is now clear that the government of France and the lobbies who are backing it up and always asking for more repression against the French people are what we can call "satanist". In the past 20 years, they have reversed everything with false claims and lies of all kinds. Today in France the government with the help of the minister of Education are promoting homosexuality since the young age, it is often that they organize in schools some special course where transexual is coming and promoting their way of life but if you try to promote the normal way of life (like we are all born out from a mother and a father) you will end up with troubles and will get called a fascist. I really don't care about homos, trans or whatever but this has nothing to do in the public debate and even less in the schools. The sexual orientations of the people are just a personal choice and only depend on each other taste. Also, the so-called feminist movement keeps fighting against the man, it will be good to put them on an abandoned island for 100 years to see how they can survive as a species and look after 100 years how their "children" (if they find a way to do some) will survive or maybe we will find an empty island with the only skeleton of so-called feminist. Also, the government is now trying to get children age to sexual consent much lower, show children in young age pornography in school and the justice doesn't punish pedophile. I am sorry to say that this sex war against the man is just another stupid thing bring by some cleaver a..holes to bring more division in a world that is already in very bad shape.

Next, about France the country of Freedom of speech today, it seems that this is no more. There is many French people ending in jail for blogging, commenting or making videos, some have even lost their job for having posted a picture or a design. Since E. Macron (2 years ago) we have seen the creation of a minister of "Fake News", another is a service fighting the discrimination and now a new law that will give a fine of 1.4 million Euros to every platform that do not delete a post in the first 24 hours if it is said to be hateful. The problem with this kind of laws and minister is that the so-called "hateful" contents can be anything, it seems that they find hate in the post of the people they don't like and those who are following the government can post all kinds of shit and discrimination. So today in France you can be sued for antisemitism for just saying that you don't like gays. The government has partnered with some of the Zionist organizations and both are using all kinds of false claims, cutting and rewriting sentences in order to get some people punished.

I don't know how things will turn in France and the EU in the future but for now, they are walking on the head. I don't believe the Yellow Vest can do something as they experience the same and get sued for all kinds of false accusations. I still believe that we will go into a civil war where the dark forces will use the migrants to fight the bad European white people. I look at this unfold from far and everybody in France tells me to never come back but this kind of things is now growing in many countries. When facts and science aren't a prove any more only propaganda is a prove, it is time to wake up.

I find a very good article I want to share with you:



This is very sad to hear! The destruction of a society and country by heartless people! And the population are wiling pawns to be programmed and molded according to their plans!

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