France & Banking Dictatorship

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Following my last post about the political correctness in France and in the western world, I was talking a little about the dark power hiding behind the French government "the Private Banking system". Today, I want to talk a little deeper about it and what the private banking system is doing to the French population as I am sure this kind of behaviors will extend to other countries all around the world.

Since the loss of the French national currency the French Franc in January 2002, date of the swap to the European currency the Euro, the French national Bank "the Bank of France" is no more a big player in the decision taking place in the French finances, instead it is now part of the commission of the Central European Bank. The decline of the Bank of France as started long before the European Union, in the 70' during the Presidential terms of Georges Pompidou a former Director of the Rothschild Bank, G. Pompidou has passed a law that forbid the country to borrow funds to the Bank of France at a 0% interest rate and will have to borrow money from the private Banking system. It is in 1973 during the Presidency of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing another former General Director of the Rothschild Bank that the law was really imposed on the government. The law is a "rogue law" that favorite the private Banks to the detriment of the citizen and the country. It is also the only reason for the massive debt of the French nation and many other nations around the globe. Right now it is 2,414,621,953,986 Euros and it grows at 2500 Euros every second. It is clear that all the President that have been working in the past for the Rothschild Bank aren't working for the good of the nation and its citizen but instead they are working for the benefit of their former employer the Rothschild Bank that has the hand on the Central European Bank as many of the C.E.B. are also former employee of the same Rothschild Bank.

So since 1973, France has never stopped to be in debt and the size of the debt today shows that the country will never be able to pay back. In the other hand the citizen of France have been put under a Banking dictatorship and every year we see our money right been taken by banks. Most of the French people, the majority, cannot withdraw more than 300 to 500 Euros a week from an ATM and if they need more they can enter the bank two days prior to the withdrawal and they can take up to 1000 Euro from the cashier at the bank, but they have to justify why they need this money for whatever the amount they have on the account they are limited to 1000 Euro a week. Many people who want to buy a second-hand car to another person have to stack up the money for weeks before they are able to pay for it if the owner wants some cash, the owner will never accept a private check as they are not sure the check will be paid so they ask for a bank certified check and in order to have it the buyer has to ask the bank to get it and also justified what it is for, in many cases the bank will say no for dark reason that has never been explained. In the case, French people want to save money in the bank and get interests from it today interest rate on saving accounts is 0.75% so it is worthless to save anything in a bank in France. The list of "rogue laws" against the money owned by French people is very long and it keeps adding some more year after year.

Today, with E. Macron (former Rothschild employee) as a President the country has entered a new era of dictatorship from the banks and also from Macron as he behaves as a neo-fascist using violence against who oppose him, more "rogue laws" not only at a bank level, more taxes to a population already asphyxiated by taxes, more poverty and less government infrastructures and services. There is no flexibility for the French people to change anything, especially with the now leftist way of the Yellow Vest.


How will this all end?! Is the France going to become more like Greece or Cyprus?! Or Venezuela?!

I believe that will end up in a civil war but who really knows French people today are so dumb, more than 20% of the French (French by papers) are not even able to speak and write French and most of them will turn against us as they are not French. Anyway, for centuries France as to be destroy this is what Zionist working at and the reason is because France is the world first catholic country. I really not recognize what France my country and I won't return. Stupidity and brainwashing is all over. France today is a bomb for EU and I really want it to blast.

This sounds very horrific and signals a very negative future for the people! The plan to destroy Europe from within started many years ago! Many innocent people will become victims of the situation. Those lucky ones will know when to escape for safety.

Very sad situation!

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Yes, it is sad. In France, they have started to slowly change the population in the 70' not with natural immigration but by pushing ex-colonies to come to France and at the center of this decision is the Zionist movement. Now is the mass immigration but not for all, SEA people who are well integrated into our country have huge problems to come but African young man can come even without a passport. It is made by design as the Zio plan is to wipe out the white western civilization using Islam army against Christian then wipe out Islam after and finally create a NWO religion based on the Holocaust. I will share a video of a Zio rabin talking about the plan. People refuse to see and listen to evidence that comes from Zio's because they fear to end up in jail so they let it happen. Yellow Vest leaders don't want to talk about Zionist and immigration because they fear to be called a "Nazi" and end up in jail. The manipulation is so evident and the Zio make it clear that is why I call the majority of French a bunch of traitors. The only place in France where it not happen is my native island "Corsica" where people use weapons against the French government. Yellow Vest always take Corsica as an example but no one is doing the same and we will pay for the lack of courage of the French and EU civilization, maybe if there was less censor in EU things will be different. The same is coming in SEA with the Asean, I always talk to Thais about what happens when you lose your border and get an external influence, I hope Asean will fail after seeing EU collapse. Let's hope for better days....

So! This won’t be a happy ending! Wise people should look for a safer place!

I hope we are okay in the countryside when a regional war started one day. I think it will start in the Middle East which will impact everyone on earth differently. Food, water, shelter and medications are essential for future survival!!

Keep well!

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I really think that we are in a good place outside Thai cities. Here it is a Moo ban of farmers all originated from the area and there is a good unity. In case of bad events, it is an easy place to protect with two ways in, most of the people are from the same families. People like to go hunting so they have guns and plenty of fields and forests around and a common sense for help each other. People like me here and some call me "look moo ban" as I talk to everybody. So for sure, I feel good here. The only concern is the proximity of China.

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