Dark Influence Inside French Government

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A few times already I have talked about the Zionist lobby (a foreign lobby from Israel) who is openly against the interest of the French population. Today, there is no doubt that this lobby is part of what we call the deep state, as nothing is hidden and this lobby is acting like a big propaganda tool for the Israeli ideology and a powerful tool to punish French people who dare to open their mouth publicly against this lobby and/or the French government. In some special occasions, we also witness that the French government isn't the strongest but the lobby always has the last word. Every French people or renowned people who speak about the dark influence of a foreign group with very close ties with the government will be shut from the media and is likely to end up in jail, also this lobby always use defamation and intimidation to get the courageous French dissidents fire from their work and called an antisemite. It is a trick used by the Zionist lobby that has amplified since the early 70' to something crazy for the freedom of speech. Nowadays, French people fear to speak about them even on a phone call they fear to be prosecuted just for having a talk about it. The lobby is so sure of its link to the government that they are very arrogant to the French and other ethnics living in the country. Because of their link to the government (especially started in the Sarkozy Presidency), this lobby has always the last word in the Justice court even they always using fake accusation, cutting sentences from citation and recreating a false sentence, not accepting scientist proof and the list goes on and on... The French justice seems to be afraid of them or has received orders to always give them reason in the court whatever is the proof from the other side. At the end of the court requisition, it is obvious that the judges are punishing the dissident for a supposed thought. Everything is possible when justice isn't doing its job and punish people on what they supposed to be the thought of the people.

One of the heads of the lobby a French Jewish Zionist Jacques Attali has written in his book "Tomorrow, Who will govern the world", here is the citation "The French people will be quickly eliminated. Without the need to use weapons, but by controlling the press, we will tell them that they are guilty and they will do the rest" and today it is obvious that this dark plan works very well as people are now auto-censoring themselves by fear of justice. This guy is the one who whispers in the ear of all French President since 1981. He is the guy who speak on the TV saying that French people have to married migrants and not French people when on the other hand when talking at the World Jewish Congress (a Zionist very powerful group that has nothing to do with the Jewish religion) he says that Jews have to do everything possible to stop jews to marry a foreigner. He is also the guy who is pushing the law for the assisted end of life (euthanasia) and tell the French people that in a close future because of the economy and the high cost of healthcare of older people we will have to be compassionate to the younger generation and 5 years after retirement people will have to accept their assisted death. Really when listening to that guy I feel like "1984" and "Logan's run" were very close to what is now taking form in front of our eyes. He also promotes liberal commerce where people are merchandise.

Here another case, I link the video at the bottom just have to turn the translation to English, this case happen a week ago. Etienne Chouard is maybe the strongest influence for the Yellow Vest movement, he is a university teacher, a leftist, and the promoter of the "Referendum for citizen initiative" also called RIC where all citizen has to vote on every subject and not only the politician. Last week he gets invited to a leftist media to talk about the RIC but instead the interviewers are just acting like a court and keep put many accusations on him for an hour about the Holocaust, Etienne Chouard has been clear this is not his subject and the media are always trying to get him on this subject just because he has talked in the past to a real dissident. At the end of the interview on Twitter the lobby represented by 3 or 4 NGO's against racism that they are suing him in court for whatever.

This is a massive problem in France and many western countries that this lobby shut down the right of the people and with the help of governments and Justice, they can do what they want even when it is opposed to the country interest.

PS: Zionist isn't Jews, Zionist is a political movement that using the name Jews to achieve its goals. Many Jews around the world oppose it and some orthodox Rabin also opposes it in Israel but most of their opposition end up in jail and get tortured. So do not mistake the two words it is different things.

Here the video of Etienne Chouard (turn the English translation On) Here



I already dig deeper and the truth cannot be told here, but I am well aware of what to stand for but you know it is not possible to say. Things are not always what we have been told, I am sure you understand what I am saying because Germany is under the same dictatorship. 😉

Yep, I'm from Germany...

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Germany and France are today under the same bad influence but we have no rights to talk.

Most countries, not only these...

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Crazy workd we are living in!

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Why does the price of Steem come down so fast?! Could you make a post about the future develppmenfz

The price of Steem is going down like most Alt coins because most of the people take their money out from alt and invest in BTC also there is a big institution right now that keep pulling BTC down. This can be dangerous for Alt coins as BTC isn't in a bull run but in a shy climb with many up and downs. It is also good to look at the charts from end 2017 and beginning 2018 when bull run happen first was BTC than altcoins after it. It was like two big wave first BTC than when it goes down Alt wave arrive and for last Steem is suffering from bad management at the moment with on the top of that the long-lasting low prices of crypto many people stop posting.

Thank you very much for your explanation!
I think this will have some impact on SteemFest 4. People are losing money on their investment!

Personally, I really don't care about Steem Fest as I open the idea of Thailand long before and ask the guy for the Thai community to help in the Fest in order to get free or cheap access for the community but never get a reply from him. Steemfest is centralized around one guy and for this reason, I boycott it!

That’s what I am afraid of. It’s like a hype around a group of people who would benefit most from the gathering! Ordinary people with small SP couldn’t afford to be a part of this gathering! It’s the networking for the big fish and their friends. Everything has been very quiet! No preliminary programs, no discussion of the contents, no inputs from fellow Steemians!

The funny thing is that they never seek out the local Thai Steemians to give them assistance on the location, venue or hotels, and sightseeing programs!
So, I think this is very strange. They pay no regards to Thais and Steemian expats who have been living here many years! They only accept those who
‘Kow tow’ to them and who could be useful!

Thai Steemians would be strangers at the gathering on their own land! Very funny! They don’t know anything about cross cultural management!

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This is what I say, I offer the help of the Thai community for whatever they need but no reply and after looking deeper into Steem Fest it is obvious that the guy from Holland make it all benefit his pocket. By hiring people via the hotel that will work for him. This is where I say F..k and I will not attend it. They will go to all tourist traps and will never see the real Thailand with real Thais that are not working in the tourist industry. Instead, they will fill up the pocket of a guy who doesn't care anything other than his pocket. Soon I will post about it Since day one of the community I try to get everything fair as possible for every people in the community and this kind of behavior is exactly the opposite of what crypto stands for.

Oh! Is it a good idea to make a post?!!

But I am a bit concern that some people might blame Thai Steemians and expat Steemians in Thailand for not going to the Fest! I am afraid the cost would be too high for most Thais! and the programs would not be catered with local people in consideration, as we are small fish. I think they are here for a good holiday and the chance to create more wealth and riches. I think you should not make a strong post!

Wait and see!

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Thank You @kaminchan for telling me your opinion, I will follow it as I don't want our community to be in trouble because of me. I will not post and let it go so if some Thais attend it they won't be impacted in any way.
I want to ask your opinion on the contests. Today @thaiteam will announce the new photo contest because people like it but I want to run another @thaiteam contest on the side "a series of story writing contests and real-life experiences That will run side by side with the photo contests" By doing it, I hope to bring some diversity and choices for our people to have enough entertainment. The first contest is ready to launch. Do you think it is a good idea and more important do you think our people will like it?

Dig a little bit deeper and you'll find the truth, but be careful... 😉

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