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RE: DTube - The Canadian Government Is Lying About Cannabis Legalization

in #news4 years ago

I am very against "legalization". I never meet a person who uses​ed it by smart way... And I knew many who used it.


Well there are a lot of people that use it smartly -- some even use it productivity.

I don't​ know even one :D

LOL! I don't know one either. Try hanging out with a pot head...pot effects their thinking and dumbs people down. It's a lie.

Thank you, my next post is on the most productive stoners I know of starting with Microsofts Bill Gates's right-hand man is a stoner the right-hand man at Forbes and the president of rolling stones mag. well I better get to work making this list. Wishing you all the best day 😉

I don't like the idea of the government trying to regulate the genetics one bit
One of the reasons I use cannabis rather than anti depressants and pain killers is because I don't want all the chemicals and shit they put into drugs, I want something natural, and unmodified

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