DTUBE: Steemit Minute, Your Daily Steem News Show! 05/03/2018

in news •  9 months ago
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Thanks for the feature :)



Thank you, these videos helped me out big time when I started last year.

Nice @reseller! Thanks for all the great info as usual. Looking forward to hivemind and the extra fun and funcionality it may bring to steemit.


So many cool and exciting things in store for all of us down the road....(and sooner than that)

so cool to see whales supporting some video creators :)

I loved Rod's video.


Right? We will get there too man!

Keep up good work like your post


Hey, Thank you.

I know we have had our differences of opinion in the past. However, I do respect your opinions and would love to hear your thoughts on the spread between SBD and Steem. I know you can't and don't give financial advice, but, do you think that the spread will close or even reverse in the future? Is it possible for Steem Inc or Steemit to somehow help at least bring SBD back in parity with Steem?

Amazing episode. Hivemind sounds awesome.