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The Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube: 09/05/2018

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I'm your host @reseller

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Christopher!! I'm missing you at the @steemcreators !! It was so funny!! @Instructor2121 showed up in sun glasses, and at first glance, I thought it was you! I waved, jumped up and gave him a huge hug!! Mid hug, I realized, it wasn't you, and I had never met him before!! LOL!!!


Oh thats too funny! You owe me a bigger hug next time then! I hope you guys are having fun, can't wait to check out all the footage!


You got it!! We are having fun, and we do miss you!! :).

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Another nice Seemit Minute man! Yeah it is sad we just lost 30Billion in the market. :( It will come back though. :)