The Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube: 08/14/2018

in news •  3 months ago
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Hey thanks, im a robot too especially when I get some booze in me!


"I'm Reseller Here and it is hot as shit here"

hahaha this has made my day.


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Great post as usual. Love your videos

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Thanks Billy, much appreciated.

Hahaha very unique thinking..

It's true.can i trust dtube please tell me..


Yes but only use your posting key.

It's true.can i trust dtube please tell me...

Thanks dear, great post as always. What a great start of the video! Always love your videos for the reason of quality content. Life would be grey without bloopers.


I fully agree and glad you enjoyed them!

buen vídeo Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube

Hahaha nice video...

Carry on ☝️

Hahaha. What a great start of the vid! Luved it! Life would be grey without bloopers. Great job as always @resseler

Artakush enjoys steemit minute in the bush...


Thanks man, those get put in when I really screw up the show. Have a great day man!

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Sir, all your updates are really informative,
What do u think is the main difference between the steemit blogs and the Dtube vlogs (returns)!..


The main difference is different individuals are running it.

great post sir i am new to your channel and i will follow you in future.. thankew and i am also new to

I like the music you got going on. That is new right? You don't normally add music, right? lol (Your reaction to Joshiebear. You really need to get an extra AC machine for in there.


Send an A/C machine my way too!

Thanks sir, u r great 😊👍

great post again your post is super

WoW... What an honor to be on "The Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube and @reseller". Thank you so Much, Brother. I truly am humbled by this and it really makes me so happy to know that you really enjoy my content and follow my work.

I really am so Honored. Thank you so Much, Brother. I follow your work as well always. You really keep all of us up-to-date on all of the happenings on @steemit and @dtube and I truly appreciate you.

May you, all your family and all of #dtube always be blessed and surrounded by blessings daily. Much Love, @jeronimorubio

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Hahaha thanks for the shout-out man! I love this place already. Such a supportive community here.

great videos sir,..........i also watched your videos on youtube.....amazing work you are doing sir....

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Awesome post...! Loved it so much.

Interesting will need to check out this TokenBB plugin! I have a couple wordpress websites. Nice more Youtubers moving over to DTube! Im so over Youtube its crazy the stuff they are doing. I still need to set up my own IPFS server to host my videos permanently and once I get that right I will be moving over here for good to host my business videos here. Thanks again for your daily videos giving us updates on the Steem platform.