TOKENBB Coming Soon! The First Steem-Powered Wordpress Forum Plugin

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TokenBB - The First Steem-Powered Wordpress Forum Plugin

Alpha Version Coming Soon!

Lead Developer: Jonathan Dupre (@kareniel)
Business Development: Renaud Gagne (@cryptoctopus)

After weeks of preparation and work, we are almost ready to launch the Alpha version of TokenBB, a Steem-Powered Forum Wordpress Plugin that will allow anyone to create and moderate their own forum backed by the Steem blockchain.

Interested? Sign-up to our email list so that we can notify you when we are ready to launch the alpha version.

What Will Be Included In Alpha?

We want to make sure that the community wants such plugin to succeed. This is why the Alpha will be a MVP (minimum viable product). We will host the Alpha on our own website and from there people will be able to provide bug report, suggestions, ideas, participate in contests, etc.

If we receive sufficient feedback and enough engagement, our goal is to get a beta version ready to be installed on your own website by NOVEMBER 7/8/9/10/11 in KRAKÓW for SteemFest 3.

What Will Be Included In Beta?

TokenBB Beta will allow for anyone to launch their own Steem-Powered Wordpress forum on their own website.

Feature #1: Moderation

You can't keep people from posting on the blockchain but you can keep people from displaying content on your own website...even if it's on the blockchain. You will be able to combat spam, ban bad people and moderate your own forum just like you would on a normal Wordpress Forum.

Feature #2: Monetization

One thing that is very difficult to do is to monetize forums. People don't like ads but thanks to the beneficiary rewards mechanism, you will be able to earn a % of all the upvotes generated through your website.

Feature #3: Better Communities and Better Conversations

Different UI create different experiences., Busy and others display ALL the content that is on the blockchain. With TokenBB, only the content that has been created through your website will show up and only people who comment through your website will have their content displayed. This way you know that your audience actually care about visiting your website and having the conversations that they want to have.

Also, forums make the thread with the last comment to jump at the top of the feed. We hope that by having a forum experience added on top of the Steem blockchain, comment upvotes will become much more prevalent and entice people to write more valuable comments.


Interested? Sign-up to our email list so that we can notify you when we are ready to launch the alpha version.


Look forward to seeing how this WP plugin works on websites with setting up forum.

Awesome project guys. I'm assuming it will be in the wordpress plugins an will be click and install right?

Sounds to be a great project folks. To be able to run a forum of your own and dedicated to your own website sounds very useful.I look forward eagerly for the launch of the pluggin. Also i am signing upto the email list today.Wish you all a great and successful launch of the app.

Thanks. We can't wait to launch!

@cryptoctopus when do you think you'll have this out so I can plan somethings around it :)
Also, do you think you'll integrate any SMT functions into it ?

We defnitely want to integrate SMTs once they are out but how we do it is yet to be defined. We plan on having a SMT discussion board on the TokenBB forum.

Awesome! do you have a rough idea when alpha will be out ? so I can plan on launch dates of a few thing around this?

I think it's a very good project, it was time to have a plugin for Wordpress. Congratulations

there is already SteemPress for blogposts which is great. TokenBB will be for people to start their own forums :-)

Wonderful. I'll sign up for notifications and also prepare to spread the word in business communities I'm still involved in (even though I'm retired now). I think there is going to be a lot of receptivity to being able to pay people for participating on one's brand/business/hobby forum while A) not needing to spend much of your own money other than buying some STEEM so you can give significant rewards yourself, and B) being able to keep everything on your own site and moderate content as always.

I'm curious about how the details work themselves out. Will their be a fee for using the plugin? Will posts in private forums still post to the Steemit website? Will there be the ability to add/remove specific forum features like breadcrumbs, user profiles, etc.? Will the look/feel adapt to the person's website theme, or have a set theme from the plugin?

I look forward to learning more.I think there is a lot of potential here to really grown the STEEM ecosystem among new people. And the kind of people who can really normalize creating content for crypto instead of for free.

Thanks for this great comment. I'll do my best to answer but keep in mind that much can change as we are not even launched yet. (so don't take these responses as gospels)

1- We will fund development through arbitrary reward until we are able to launch our own ICO and SMT.
2- All posts will publish on the steem blockchain and be visible there...but that will be a one way street. Only content published through the forum will appear on the forum.
3- We hope to make it just like bbpress does it...theme agnostic as well as allowing people to create plugins for it...without requiring a specific theme.

Thanks for the prompt and thorough reply. I understand #2 being a part of the technology. Just like when you post on Steemhunt or Dtube it posts automatically to Steemit also, because Steemit is posting the entire steem blockchain. I do think that is going to limit the forum use somewhat. There are a lot of private forums out there. I would argue that the forums with the most active users are often private, outside the tech space anyway. It will be important for you to make it clear up front that you are offering exclusively Public forums.

Still, good luck and I look forward to getting to spread the news once you're ready for primetime.

yeah...there isn't much we can do until hivemind is out which I believe will open the possibility to have closed communities.

Actually from that link it sounds like even with hivemind their intention is transparency and the inability of community founders to censor outside their own community. They make no mention of privacy protection. So sounds like it will be 100% public communities, in terms of no expectation anything you post in a community will only be seen by community members.

That's all and well, just important to make clear early on. It's better to immediately disinterest people who have privacy focused communities than to get them excited, then dash their hopes for getting to monetize this way themselves.

blockchain(public ledger) and privacy seems to be a weird combo to be honest...especially when it comes to content.

Awesome project guys. I'm assuming it will be in the wordpress plugins an will be click and install right?

I have sign up to email list! Great project!

About time! Thanks @cryptoctopus for the initiative. Hope you get the support needed to pull this off. Best of luck

Fantastic. I have been crying out for something like this and finally it is in production. Having localized communities has always been where Steemit has been lacking. Signed up!

I think I'm going to have a look too!

I am pleased that more and more applications are coming out backed with the steemit blockchain. It could be very useful for my website of Venezuelan news.

great! Looking forward to help you out with this.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Wow, this is dope

Wow this is fantastic! I love Wordpress, have been dabbling for around 6 years now.

Thanks for the info I have subscribed!


I gave my e-mail and am looking forward to this new project20180711_174517.jpg

Sounds exciting. Good luck with this! :)

Material como este vale la pena leer nice

when stable version will be release?

I can't believe this is available!


This is exciting news. I look forward to its availability.

Are you considering making it a ubiquitous forum that can be dropped onto any site, not just wordpress sites,? Something like or similar?

We are starting with Wordpress since it already has such a big userbase and also provides a great marketing opportunity. We may look for something like a stand-alone, discourse like software sometime in the future.

It seems an excellent project I'm interested in trying it

Is a nice project, i'm interested.

It seems to be great...!

This is good news, looking forward for it.

I have sign up to email list

Great news!!!

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Very nice good features

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Well, Amazing Project! I have signed up! Good Luck and notify me when its ready.

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This honestly a good idea to monetize online content.

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Awesome idea! Looking forward to seeing it come to fruition, matey!

It's great project?

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Yeah, sure. It's a beautiful project and worth every dime.

i'm sorry please help me understand about this plugin, so this plugin could be installed at my website??

Good on you for bringing the future to our doorsteps

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thats a great news .....hope it come soon .

Best project !!!

Creating a well developed community with greater conversations will be the best thing...hope it will launch soon....well planed project.

Is it a WordPress plugin or a BB press plugin?

In any case combining both would be very good for adoption indeed! Got the idea to manage comments on WordPress with Steem O.O

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Powerful idea. Making the world a better place

Thanks a lot, this is very informative. There are humans in this platform pretending to provide information and click on-baiting customers. But this put up honestly packs a punch with all this information. well played sir.

That's really good to know.....

sounds great..!
Good initiative.!
this will be a great step to a great future.!
Stay strong and give your best.!

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Fantastic! Looking forward to this one!

Waiting for it :)

I surely sign up in that

Look forward to trying it

Despite the bloody slump in steem price over the week, its comforting to see that steem use cases are moving forward everyday, and that opportunity to use steem for content creation and management as well as for investment are moving faster than ever.

Keep it rolling, until the market is ready to accept more cryptos, we developers and users are ready to moon anytime the whole world is ready.

It will be an excellent productivity tool for publishers.

Nice! i'm very interested!

This is very good idea . I'm waiting tokinbb

This is very good idea . I'm waiting tokinbb

Good work and hope. I hope you will succeed according to the plan

This is great!

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Good post!!! Thanks bro!

Hey Guys , I really liked your work here , And it is surely quite interesting to connect your steem powered plug in
although I am completely new to this platform and Have hardly learned about it
I would be a lot helpful if any of you people will be interested in sharing some knowledge about it and help me guide through it
I am providing my email id ,
[email protected] if you can spare a little time with connecting with me , I would really appreciate it
thanking again,Bhavya Doshi

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