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Your# post has been pretty much beautiful. T-shirt looks very much beautiful.

Oh myyyyyyy!!!! Gracias for mentioning ❤


Keep up the great work

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Its very useful

You are genious <3

Good work cAary on ☝️

Nice update video! And your fundition art contest post was awesome!


Much appreciated: )



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Cool man, that is a lot of accounts, hopefully youtube will fail soon.


Cool man, that is a
Lot of accounts, hopefully
Youtube will fail soon.

                 - chuckzom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hello chuckzom!

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I am brand new to D-Tube/Steem and your videos help out a lot! Thank you reseller!

I like the Dtube shirt....did you design it? thanks for all the info too.


Nah I stole the logo and made it.

Thank you for the mention. It's an honor.


Thank you Joe for all that you do to help IJ

Your music is relatively too high compared to your voice.

really nice post brother

I hope this DTube Tshirt can be popular not just in Steemit but also in other social media :)

There is that 70 rep goal with plenty of months to spare in the year 💪

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Great stuff, thanks for info and tips

wow it is very good.. keep doing that......

Congratulations @reseller!
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Really great video - thanks :)

wonderful and I learned a lot from your post

Omg what a good video

Super video bro

Hey, I'm new to Steem, gaining my following. let me get this straight, you can write posts in HTML and #steem understands it? How else did you design your post that way?

Hello i did see you video about how to setup live streaming and now i can find it :) I have a problem you maybe know the answer to. When i Click "Get stream key" the button get grey and then nothing is happening, I did try it in Chrome and in IE have no addblocker in IE, In Chrome i did try to disable addblocker but still the same.
Thanks for great content :)


OK. I don't know how but now it is working for me to get an Stream Key.
Im using Chrome browser.

Really enjoy the show! I am surprised the networks haven't picked you up yet :-)